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Virginia Gets Illuminated


CONTACT: Ryan Bomberger, Chief Creative Officer, The Radiance Foundation

Call 1-877-517-4463 or email


Billboard Campaign Exposes How Abortion Takes Place of Fathers

(October 3, 2012 – Virginia Beach, VA) The Radiance Foundation, in partnership with the Virginia Coalition for Life, has launched a wide–scale billboard campaign in Hampton Roads, Virginia, with the messaging: “Fatherhood Begins in the Womb”. Twenty billboards and over one hundred bus and light rail posters have been placed throughout the region to raise awareness of the impact of fatherlessness on (born and unborn) children. The pro-family, pro-adoption initiative challenges the culture of abandonment and death that Roe v. Wade has fostered since 1973.

In the early 60s politicians raised the alarm about a 25% fatherlessness rate in the black community. Today, 41% of all U.S. children are born to unmarried women: 35.7% of white children and an astounding 72.3% of black children. Children who grow up in single female-led homes are 5 times more likely to live in poverty. Out of the 1.21 million annual U.S. abortions, 84% are among unmarried women. This is a nationwide crisis. Abortion and poverty have taken the place of fathers.

Infant mortality is nearly 2 times higher among father absent homes. Yet Planned Parenthood of Southeast Virginia (PPSEV) distorted black infant mortality rates to get approval from the Virginia Department of Health for an expansion to their Virginia Beach abortion center. The request was publicly rejected, then approved behind closed doors. PPSEV falsely claims their new medical addition will be used mostly for “urinary incontinence procedures”. Ryan Bomberger, Chief Creative Officer of The Radiance Foundation, points out the absurdity: “Planned Parenthood isn’t in the business of doing ‘urinary incontinence procedures’. Abortion is what they do. Using 43 black infant deaths to justify causing more deaths is despicable.” Bomberger, who is black, is an adoptee, adoptive father and Emmy® award-winning creative professional. “We need efforts that uplift the family, encourage responsibility and actually reduce the unintended pregnancy rate. Planned Parenthood has grossly failed at this core Title-X function by not budging the national unintended pregnancy rate since 1995, despite receiving half a billion taxpayer dollars annually.”

Star Parker, syndicated columnist and President of C.U.R.E. (Center for Urban Renewal & Education), adds: “Planned Parenthood has injected its venom into urban America for decades. exposes how they’ve left our inner-cities fatherless and made abortion the number one killer of black Americans.”


The Radiance Foundation is a life-affirming nonprofit organization, based in Virginia. Through public awareness campaigns, national speaking engagements and community outreach efforts, they emphasize the intrinsic value every individual possesses.


  • cindi
    October 6, 2012

    It is horrible that you have placed these anti choice billboards all over my city. Outlawing abortion won’t end it. It will only be unsafe for the woman or force women to have unwanted children. I have had an abortion and am proud of it. I will be surprised if you even publish this comment as it is not supportive of your anti-choice rhetoric.

  • October 6, 2012

    @ Cindi…This is our city, too, and when human life is destroyed it concerns us all. This isn’t about outlawing abortion, although, just as those of my complexion needed an amendment (3 actually) to be recognized as fully human, so too, does another group of human beings–the unborn. Our “Fatherhood Begins in the Womb” campaign is all about calling men to be responsible, about protecting the life they helped to create. Millions are “unintended”. That doesn’t mean they’re unwanted. Millions of adoptees disprove that every single day. Most women don’t boast of their abortions; it isn’t something they’re proud of. Most humans don’t celebrate the death of another innocent human being. Unlike Planned Parenthood, we’re all about choice…making the right choice before having sex. When pregnancy occurs, we as a society have a choice to promote death or life. We focus on the life-affirming options…you know, the ones that Planned Parenthood spends millions trying to suppress. We’ve got a lot more than rhetoric. We have history, science, and the stats reinforcing the tragic devastation that is happening to our future, especially in the black community. We invite you to expose yourself to a different point of view. Read If and when you ever want a post-abortive resource, we invite you to those listed on our Resources page:

  • Nakia Johnson
    October 7, 2012

    I was an “unplanned” pregnancy but I am glad my unwed mother chose life. As a young women I pregnant and many urged me to abort. They said I needed to finish college, enjoy my youth, “do my thing”…but I am so glad I had a supportive mother, a boyfriend who didn’t run from his responsibility and together we said we would do the right thing together. It was not easy but today we are blessed to be married for 16 years with a family of four. You may say, well that is you and not everyone’s story ends like that. This may be true but you won’t know that if you end it with strangers in the local planned parenthood. Care for your body and if necessary allow others to care for the life birth through you. You have options, chose life. I wholeheartedly support this campaign. You are opening our eyes and challenging mindsets. Its time to be free indeed!

  • Marge
    January 9, 2013

    Great site…any blogs since October of last year? Not the time to retire….

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