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Abortion is today’s preeminent human rights issue. “Choice” is a complete sham. Planned Parenthood’s own Annual Reports reveal how staunchly pro-abortion they are. In 2010 they committed 329,445 abortions, while only serving 31,098 prenatal clients and making a measly 841 adoption referrals. That’s 392 abortions for every ONE adoption referral. Tragically, 98% of these pregnant women leave Planned Parenthood clinics without a baby. Adoption & Parenthood are the life-affirming alternatives, but they don’t profit Planned Parenthood. So, they distort and deceive while they use nearly HALF a billion dollars of our tax dollars to destroy life, profiting by MILLION$ ($18.5 in 2010, to be exact). We expose their LIES and give no hype–just truth.

For an organization’s whose namesake includes “Parenthood”, their Annual Reports don’t even mention how many clients have been trained in parenting skills or how many parenting classes have been offered. Abortions are proudly noted, and the term itself is found 35 times in their latest full Annual Report (2009). The terms ‘parenting’ and ‘adoption’ are only found once. Abstinence is included 5 times–each instance referring to ‘abstinence-only’ programs that are “dangerous” and need to be eliminated.

The words ‘parent’, ‘parenthood’ (other than their own name), ‘mother’, or ‘father’ never appear throughout their entire Annual Report. It would be like the nonprofit organization ‘Charity Water’ not having anything to do with water.

Every other so-called “service” offered by the nation’s largest abortion chain, is quantified. What isn’t seen is that none of these services bring in anything comparable to the massive $200 million in revenue that abortions generate. Interestingly enough, parenthood isn’t even mentioned, by an organization whose namesake touts “choice”.

(SEE THE ANNUAL REPORTS HERE: 2009-2010 Planned Parenthood Annual Report and the 2008-2009 Planned Parenthood Annual Report)

Abortion is not a me issue. It’s not a you issue. It’s not a black versus white issue. It’s a human rights issue that is having a profoundly destructive effect on our society, especially in the black community.  Women deserve to be aware of the whole truth. Men deserve to be given the opportunity to own up to their responsibilities. Unborn life deserves to be defended.  There is help in your local community, from those (many of whom are post-abortive) who wish someone would’ve shown them life-affirming options.

“Prochoice” advocates have shown, sadly, that they will promote abortion-on-demand for any reason, at any cost, even in the case of Philly abortionist Kermit Gosnell where women were maimed and killed. They will distort basic science, American history, and statistics to justify killing another for personal convenience. Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion chain, touts its “prochoice” ideology with cult-like fervor (see video here) as they fight against every public effort, every legislative measure, every ProLife organization, in order to make sure that every obstacle possible is placed in the way of those who want to find or provide life-affirming choices. The campaign exposes Planned Parenthood’s lies, especially those which claim that no one wants or will love these beautiful children.  According to Planned Parenthood’s warped present-day eugenic philosophy, they’re better off dead, which is why they so deliberately and desperately try to propagandize millions that “unintended”=”unwanted”=”unloved”. Our “CHOICE KILL$” awareness campaign further reveals that Eugenics is alive and (tragically) well–as confirmed during our “Endangered Species” billboard project. During Women’s History Month, our goal is to expose an industry that makes a mockery of the incredible progress that women have made in being empowered as the beautiful nurturing souls they’ve been created to be.  The evidence shows that Planned Parenthood simply doesn’t trust women enough to tell them the whole truth, injects gender animus by demonizing men,  and targets minorities resulting in hugely disproportionate rates of abortion in the urban community.  We also reveal the harmful Racialization of Adoption, a beautiful alternative to abortion. The Radiance Foundation, in conjunction with civil rights leaders, pastors, pregnancy resource centers, child-advocacy groups, adoption agencies, and passionate people from every profession, will continue to educate the public about abortion’s destruction among all races and challenge those who’ve been shown the truth to takeACTion!


  • Kathleen McNeal
    March 17, 2011

    these ads are just what you’d expect from a right-wing Christian-fundie organization — ham-handed, sophomoric and un-creative.

  • March 17, 2011

    Yes. Using extensive research to present irrefutable evidence of an organization that flourishes from blood money is quite juvenile. Death by abortion is uncreative. We’ll stick to those things that affirm life and truly empower women and men. Enjoy your bumper sticker mantras.

  • Molly
    March 21, 2011

    Those anti-choice activists are so dedicated to facts they managed to put the wrong date on that video.

  • March 21, 2011

    When you can’t defend…you deflect. Way to go abortion apologists! You prove our point every time you avoid talking about the actual issue.

  • James Cochrane
    March 30, 2011

    Thank you for standing with the Truth and the Un-Born Child’s Right to Choose.

  • Bri
    March 30, 2011

    Who are you (anti-choice activists) to tell another that one’s unborn child is “unintended”=”unwanted”=”unloved”? There are other issues that may effect one’s choice for an abortion. I completely agree with Ryan Scott^ -great job by avoiding the actual issue & pointing fingers at those you know nothing about!

  • Rose
    May 21, 2011

    It’s the pro-choice people (aka Planned Parenthood) who tell others that they’re unborn child is “unintended=unwanted=unloved.” It’s a communal brainwashing. Who are you (pro-abortion activists) to force your beliefs (abortion choice) on the unborn?

    Pro-life embraces EVERY individual as unique, appreciated, and a worthwhile addition to the whole human race. There is not a single reason to justify killing an innocent human being. Keep up the good work, Ryan!

  • Amy
    June 9, 2011

    No one can tell someone else what they can or cannot do with their body.

    No one is wrong to feeling that abortion is not right for them.

    But shoving that opinion down other’s throats and making it impossible for others to have an abortion because they feel it is right for them IS.

    I don’t know what it is like in America, but here in Australia (at least WA) there are practically no orphanages and I think highly that adoptions are not common. Especially when money is tight…

    Educating people about the choices they have if they become pregnant, and ways to prevent pregnancies and sexual issues and problems (STDs etc) are the most important.

  • June 9, 2011

    Actually, they can…and they do. The government’s role is, primarily, to protect its people. Laws against drug use and suicide, for instance, are laws that dictate what we can DO with our bodies. (Aside from the fact that an unborn child is NOT a part of the woman’s body, but a unique and separate human being with separate DNA from the moment of conception.) There are behaviors that harm a society, and killing our defenseless posterity is detrimental. Empirical evidence, as seen throughout this site, shows how abortion is devastating the urban community.

    Self-control. Responsibility. Not birth control and promiscuity. Since Planned Parenthood first emerged in the urban community, STDs, “unintended pregnancies” and abortions have skyrocketed. Blanketing the community with birth control hasn’t prevented any of these things. The unintended pregnancy rate hasn’t BUDGED since the mid 90s, according to the CDC, which means Planned Parenthood fails at its basic task.

    But facts are hard for abortion apologists to swallow. Like you, they’d rather go on a predictable rhetorical rampage and not think through the plethora of evidence that contradicts a pro-abortion mentality. This is why we educate, so people can know the whole truth–the historical and the statistical perspective. Just as you’re able to express yourself and your unfounded assertions, we can freely express ourselves with the irrefutable truth.

  • LZ
    June 29, 2011

    I’ve read over a lot of this website, and there seems to be a glaring omission: birth control. If up to 60% of black women’s pregnancies end in abortion, that means that far too many black women are getting pregnant when they do not want to be pregnant. Faithful use of birth control by all women who do not desire a pregnancy is the most effective way to prevent abortions. If your organization is serious about reducing the number of abortions in any group, you should be promoting the use of birth control as much as you possibly can. The fact that you’re not tells me that your motives are not what you say they are.

    And yes, I am well educated about the racist origins of the birth control movement in this country. The fact that some of the original advocates for birth control may have had racist ideas or intentions is a really stupid reason not to promote something that could VIRTUALLY ELIMINATE ABORTIONS here and now.

  • June 29, 2011

    @LZ…there is more access to birth control…more use of birth control than ever before, and we STILL have 1.21 million abortions in the latest reported year. Birth Control doesn’t provide a moral construct that values self-control, and sex within marriage. If Birth Control is so effective (never mind its continued eugenics application), why hasn’t the unintended pregnancy rate budged since 1995, according to the CDC?

    We don’t even have time to address the medical ramifications of many forms of birth control. That’s our next campaign. The known and mounting empirical evidence of birth control’s harm to many women is shocking.

    We do address birth control throughout our site. You obviously don’t like our position on it. Although throughout our site we inform the public about Title-X clinics that provide the full spectrum of contraception (without committing abortions) the fact of the matter is that BC is, obviously, not the answer. Birth control has created a culture of irresponsibility and abandonment, especially in its most destructive form touted by “prochoice” advocates–abortion. The most effective way to prevent abortions, by the way, is NOT birth control, it’s abstinence. The natural result of sexual activity is pregnancy. The natural result of abstinence is no STD… no pregnancy…no abortion…no injustice inflicted upon an innocent human being.

    We have lots of birth control in our society, and sadly, not much self-control.

  • Catherine
    September 14, 2011

    Who’s to say that someone who practices self control, or saved his or herself for marriage for “sex within marriage” WANTS to have a baby that may be conceived? I’m not here to change your mind on the issue – that will obviously never happen, but if you feel that abortions only happen to women who are promiscuous and lack self control, you’re completely wrong. They happen. You’re kidding yourself if you believe otherwise.

  • Kell
    September 14, 2011

    NFP or Natural Family Planning is a viable option for married couples. The fact is that birth control doesn’t work. Contraception failure is how I got pregnant with my first 2 children, and for the record I was using them correctly. NFP is great for women because it gives them an opportunity to know their bodies and learn about their own fertility cycles. NFP is good for men, so they can learn about their wives (or girlfriends) cycle and it gives the couple an opportunity to communicate about when is a good time for sex, and do their best to plan for a family. So promiscuous maybe not., lack of self control absolutely. Also keep in mind that NO form of birth control or contraceptive is 100%

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  • me
    October 10, 2011

    Do people on this board actually think they can tame BIOLOGICAL urges?? Get a grip!!! People, especially poor people, don’t have access to birth control except for clinics like planned parenthood. Telling them to just abstain from sex is stupid and irresponsible. Since the dawn of time men and women have had sex before marriage and will continue to do so, with or without birth control. The more that use it the less abortions there will be. Maybe in the rich suburbs it is OK to try to shove you stupid mantra down someones throat but $$$ equal choices.

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  • Taylor Bennett
    November 18, 2011

    I haven’t explored this site in any particular depth, but I have yet to see anything addressing what I think is the most relevant concern here — whether or not a fetus is a person. It seems apparent to me that it is the mind, not the shape or action of the body, that makes someone a person. And certainly, before a certain point, a fetus cannot be said to have a mind, and thus, it is not a person. This makes all the hype about PP advocating abortions seem rather unconcerning. It is not sufficient to simply state a religious or spiritual belief about abstract concepts like the “soul” giving personage at conception if this campaign is to have any relevance in a secular society. So are fetuses persons and I just don’t understand the relevant aspect of person-hood? Or is there some reason we should be giving human rights to things that aren’t persons?

  • Rose
    January 12, 2012

    I used the Billings Method of Natural Family Planning (combined with a condom during those early slightly fertile days). I never got pregnant, and didn’t want to. I became sold on the baloney I learned in College about being free and enjoying the freedom of childlessness. What a dodo I was, and for that reason and similar reasons, I don’t recommend regular colleges or universities to young people.I was propositioned for grades, had to paint naked people in art class, called on the carpet for a pro-life articles I wrote, and discouraged from staying abstinent. . I learned very little there of real use. But the Billings method, which I used even during promiscuous times, kept me from having to make a choice over abortion. I am free of all the fun of children, grandchildren, and all the rest. Thanks you “educated” folks…. But at least I am still free to tell others about the Billings Method and the value of life… God Bless America. I know women are waking up across the world, and can help lead us to higher ground regarding life. Go Santorum.

  • Nix
    January 18, 2012

    I’m from South Africa and here abortion is around but hardly anyone makes a big deal of it. Despite the obvious threat of aids and knowing that one CANNOT afford more than 1 or 2 children so many women still fall pregnant because of the culture that still exists here where African men can do whatever the hell they want with their 6 or 7 wives and who knows how many girlfriends. We have a few clinics here and there that offer abortions but no-one can afford them so they resort to backstreet abortions, leaving their babies in drains, leaving them in buckets and toilets or they just ingest huge amounts of various drugs to induce a miscarriage.
    To get to the point, nothing is more disgusting than a sick and for some popular culture where people are so brainwashed into believing that disabled babies are not worth a place on this earth, think about how many sick and messed up people roam around now…how do they deserve a place here but a small harmless infant does not? I see Planned Parenthood said that abortion is sexy, once again I don’t see the logic in getting people to think that poisoning an unborn child to death is “sexy”. In fact it’s revolting that people are going around claiming that a person, who might be sharing their body but is an entire person on their own, does not get to live because they don’t exist as a human being and have no right to live.
    Abstinence, sure it doesn’t work because so many people have lost all decency and lack any form of self respect to the point where their genitals are free have sex with whatever other like minded person comes along, and in utter stupidity, knowing how a child is conceived, will still have unprotected sex and then blame the child for “taking over their body” as though the child climbed right into their vagina’s without their consent. Pro choice people should get over their bullcrap, we know you are indecent, using many many excuses for having an abortion that don’t ring true at all…control your promiscuity and your absolute childishness because quite honestly so much of the world is sick of your “I’m so bad I can fornicate like a sex worker and then kill babies” attitude. Oh and p.s 90% of pro-life logic has nothing at all to do with religion, its about bloody common sense. Can’t afford a child? Close your damn legs.

  • Dalton
    February 2, 2012

    All I’m gonna say is, the founding fathers would be ashamed of what is going on today in abortion clinics.

  • Leigh
    February 6, 2012

    People have the right to do what they want to THEIR body.
    But, they don’t have the right to do what they want to the PERSON INSINDE THEIR BODY.

    That’s not their right.

    Don’t wanna take care of a baby? Let someone else raise the child.
    Don’t kill the baby because it was “unintended” or you were flat out irresponsible.

    How the hell is abortion okay when there is ADOPTION for the irresponsible parent?

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  • susan steffey
    July 4, 2012

    I do psychotherapy for a living and I have talked to many women who have had abortions and the grief and remorse that they often feel is tragic. I have also worked with women who had have 3 or more abortions and there is a callousness about them thet is readily though they gave up their humanity for “choice.
    Many women are pressured into abortions by well meaning family,boyfriends etc. who want them to get rid of the “problem”. “Counseling” at abortion clinics is a joke, since most clinics are for profit enterprises. So a young woman is pressured into an abortion which she may or may not want, an options and hope are not mentioned sose has the abortion. Initially she may be relieved but a s time weas on the full ramifications of what she has done can hit her like a ton of bricks. Months and years later she can feel terrible remorse and gried, anniversary days can be particularly hard. For a certain percentage of women the child she aborted will be the last one that she conceives. It can be very cruel to a woman to know that she aborted a child and cnnot have a child that she desperately wants. One of the side effects of abortion can be infetility, hemmorhage and pelvic damage.

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  • joe momma
    July 14, 2012

    What I don’t understand is why these pro-lifers aren’t lining up at the adoption agencies to adopt the babies they’re “saving”? Plus, pregnancy is much more dangerous than abortion. A non-white baby has a significantly higher chance of NOT being adopted.

  • July 17, 2012

    @JoeMomma…apparently you’re not aware of adoption stats at all. Newborns are in short supply, so there are MORE willing adoptive individuals/couples than there are babies. Walking across the street is more “dangerous” than abortion. Killing someone else always causes death to the other life, while preserving ones own. The ludicrous lie of the abortion industry (hmmmmm, not self-serving at all) is that it’s safer to kill your child instead of carrying him/her to term. Convenient.

    A non-white baby–a black child–is up to 6 times more likely to be killed than a white baby. Some would call that racial targeting…or racism. Why is the black community so heavily targeted by the abortion industry? Today, it’s the Negro Project 2.0.

  • July 21, 2012

    The problem I have is that education is NOT the key to solving this issue. Safe sex and abstinence are preached in schools all over the country, but how much follow-up is done? Where are the teachers and counselors who are keeping this line of communication open and using ACTIONS instead of simple words?

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