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The Perversion of “Prevention Park”


Remember the days when Planned Parenthood used to proclaim: “Safe, legal and rare?”  That was sooooo many millions and millions of dollars ago.  Bill Clinton coined the phrase back in 1992 and abortion advocates (publicly) embraced as their own philosophy.  Internally, however, and with the help of the media’s willful blind eye, Planned Parenthood, NARAL, NOW, and NAF all spent (and continue to spend) hundreds of millions of dollars (much of it OUR tax dollars) to fight every single common-sense pro-life protection such as parental notification and women’s right-to-know legislation.  Rare was not part of the strategy.  Ever.  One would have to understand one of the cornerstones of Birth Control, which is the Overpopulation mythology.  Another component is the elimination of the dysgenic, those not deemed suitable enough to live because of the Extra Sensory Perception of pro-abortion advocates.

Planned Parenthood’s newest abortion mega-center, located in the heart of Houston’s black and hispanic neighborhoods, is called by its new Director, “sacred and holy ground.” In fact, one can hear the small crowd of opening ceremony participants recite those words in a scripted perverse prayer.  Margaret Sanger despised religion, particularly organized religion.  But she knew the power of manipulating it to advance her Birth Control crusade.  Planned Parenthood, to this day, is hostile to religion (particularly Catholics and Evangelicals), but uses it in its convoluted ways to justify their murderous existence, especially through groups like the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.

“Pro-choice” has been a phenomenally successful buzz word, masking the true identity of the act of abortion, but times are a-changing.  The truth about their false “medically accurate sexual health information” and decades of propaganda is being revealed.  We are exposing the abortion industry, and our nation’s largest abortion chain (Planned Parenthood) as the profiteers-of-death that they really are.

Today, while death associated with childbirth is extremely rare, it is still some 10 times more likely than dying from a legal abortion. —Guttmacher Institute

Abortions performed later in pregnancy may be more complicated but are still safer than labor and childbirth. —Planned Parenthood

Never mind the incredible benefits of pregnancy, especially the National Cancer Institute’s findings that a full-term pregnancy, before the age of 20, reduces a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer by 50%. Never mind the reduction of diseases like rheumatoid arthritis during pregnancy, among a number of others diseases, that are mitigated during pregnancy. But Planned Parenthood, in its blatant effort to be pro-singular-choice, upholds abortion as the best (and safest) option.  Kaching!

Let’s just look at the lunacy of Guttmacher’s global advocacy and Planned Parenthood’s marketing push by taking real world examples.  Walking across the street increases our risk of dying exponentially.  Driving in a car, every day, drastically increases the possibility of death. Talking to someone face-to-face massively increases our susceptibility to communicable airborne diseases. Helping someone build a house ramps up the possibility of severe injury.  But we do these things every single day.  We live.  We survive. We thrive. And millions more women give birth than those who abort.  The despicable suggestion that an abortion is the better alternative to pregnancy because childbirth presents risks falls right in line with real essence of  pro-“choice” ideology.  Abortion=good.  Birth=slavery.  Margaret Sanger’s “Motherhood in Bondage”, as well as the rest of her warped eugenic ideology, still strongly defines the Planned Parenthood of today.

Ryan Bomberger is the Chief Creative Officer of The Radiance Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit life-affirming organization.  He is an Emmy® Award-winning Creative Director who considers every day a miracle with his wife and three children.


  • Lynn Metzger
    February 18, 2011

    The only thing that the Planned Parenthood Prevention Park is preventing is honesty, truth, life, choice (their only choice is abortion)..chastity, self-esteem, good family relationships, life, etc. I could go on and on about the good things it prevents.

    What they promote on the other hand, is lies, deceit and the coercion of youth to do things behind their parents’ backs. What they promote is causing daughters and sons to go to them in secret to have things done that a teen would not need to do if they didn’t have Planned Parenthood to be their “surrogate parent”.

    Yes, that is what Planned Parenthood wants to be…they want to separate parents from their kids so they go to them for help when something goes wrong with the “low dose” ineffective contraception they give them. They purposely give out cheap condoms, birth control pills that are low dose and ineffective all the while telling our children that sex is wonderful and they are free to express it without guilt…at least until the teenagers feel guilty once they have gotten pregnant. then, in a time of crisis, they swoop in and offer that “fix”…the “easy” abortion that will end the whole thing and no one will ever know. They encourage the teen to lie about the age of the “father” (even if the perpetrator IS their father and they don’t report it as rape or incest ). They tell the girl that no one has to know because everything is “confidential” Then, they give the abortion as soon as possible before she “changes her mind” so they won’t lose a SALE..yes, it is a SALE my friend, the selling of abortion as birth control.

    When the crisis is over, and the girl/woman feels regret and sadness and guilt…Planned Parenthood is NOWHERE to be found…no counseling, no comfort, NOTHING…at least until the next time they come in for an abortion again. UNLIKE a loving parent, who is there for the teen or young woman no matter if they are pregnant or not, Planned Parenthood abandons the product of the abortion…the child and the teen who came in to get it and the baby who died at their hands…and they have taken away the right of a parent to be a parent to their children. (so, they have robbed the girl more than once, of her chastity, of her integrity, of her trusting relationship with her parent(s) and of the baby growing inside of her.)

    I am my child’s PARENT…NOT Planned Parenthood! Don’t let this organization take away your right to be the parent of your child. Stand up to Planned Parenthood…and stop them from preventing our families from being whole, and free from guilt and pain. Stop them from killing the next generation!

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  • Jamie Garcia
    March 15, 2012

    “Never mind the incredible benefits of pregnancy, especially the National Cancer Institute’s findings that a full-term pregnancy, before the age of 20…”

    I think you mean “30”? That is the stat that I have seen.

    thanks for a very good article!

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