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The Impact On Wisconsin

"CHOICE KILL$" billboard placed in Planned Parenthood parking lot in Madison, WI

“CHOICE KILL$” billboard placed in Planned Parenthood parking lot in Madison, WI

Wisconsin is known as the Badger State. Badgers are known to be fierce animals.  And a defining behavior that makes them remarkable is that they will protect themselves and their young no matter the cost. That’s a trait worth emulating. Even though WI is the 8th lowest state in the number of abortions, the racial disparity in its numbers far exceed the national trends.  We need a badger mentality when it comes to our young, especially our unborn children who are the most vulnerable among us.

One of many billboards placed in Milwaukee, WI.

One of many billboards placed in Milwaukee, WI.

Although Wisconsin ranks 8th lowest, nationally, in annual abortions, the racial disparity in the numbers is significantly higher than even the national stats.  Nationally, African-Americans comprise 38.5% of all abortions while making up only 13% of the population (3x their representation)1.  In Wisconsin in 2009, 6.2% of the population is black yet 24% of all state abortions are on African-Americans, which is 4x the representation.2 Whites comprise 69% of all state abortions yet are a larger 89.4% of the population.3 This is not a white versus black issue. It’s the truth versus the lie. Most think abortions are sought by teens. Not the case. Both nationally and within Wisconsin, the majority of abortions are in the 20-24 age group, among college-aged adults. The majority of women having abortions have had between 12-16 years of schooling (with 46% having completed college educations). Only 5.8% of pregnant teenagers (or 495) under age 18, although still tragic, have had abortions in Wisconsin in 2009. Most Wisconsin abortions, and where the focus of any life-affirming efforts to curtail unplanned pregnancies needs to be, are on unmarried women–75% of all abortions.4

In an attempt to reduce unplanned pregnancies and high-risk sexual behavior, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services launched Healthiest Wisconsin 2010.5 It has been an abysmal failure on many fronts.  Although the state health department claims to use evidence-based programs, and emphasizes “delaying sexual activity” (rarely mentioned as abstinence), they dismiss abstinence-centered education and focus mostly on “comprehensive sex education”.  The results have been disastrous.  Here is just a sampling of how the Department of Health Services, working with Planned Parenthood on its Health Advisory Council, has failed6:



"CHOICE KILL$" billboard was placed INSIDE Planned Parenthood's parking lot. Also noteworthy and troubling...the National Urban League owns the office building and leases space to the nation's largest abortion chain.

“CHOICE KILL$” billboard was placed INSIDE Planned Parenthood’s parking lot. Also noteworthy and troubling…the National Urban League owns the office building and leases space to the nation’s largest abortion chain.

In 2010, Planned Parenthood celebrated 75 years of its existence in Wisconsin7, financially made possible by taxpayer dollars and the brutal killing of innocent unborn children.  Despite its massive failure to reduce pregnancy rates, unplanned pregnancies, and reduce exponentially high STD rates, Planned Parenthood is rewarded with media indifference, lavish amounts of government funding, and unconditional support from a community most ravaged by its mission–to reduce “unwanted” populations. They will not repudiate their racist and eugenics-preaching founder, Margaret Sanger, but instead celebrate her every year by awarding celebrities, journalists and activists with the “Maggie Award”. Nationally, Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion chain, killing 324,008 unborn children in 2008 (up from 305,310 in 2007), while only making a miniscule 2,405 adoption referrals (less than half of the previous year’s 4,912). This translates into 135 abortions per adoption referral. It’s not hard to see which “choice” they push.8

Eugenics, the pseudoscience that aimed to breeding a superior race by eliminating the “unfit” had firm roots in Wisconsin legislative and educational arenas.  The founder of the University of Wisconsin School of Criminology, Charles Van Hise, was a staunch eugenicist who believed in sterilizing the “unfit”,9:

“We know enough about Eugenics so that if the knowledge were applied, the defective classes would disappear within a generation.”

Charles Van Hise, President and founder of the University of Wisconsin School of Criminology

Wisconsin is the birthplace of the Republican Party–the party formed solely as an anti-slavery party by Alvan Earle Bovay10. A new party was born predicated on the belief that “you are as good as I”.  Abolitionists formed a party that recognized the equality of all human beings11, and that slavery was anathema to humanity.  Much like abortion is anathema to human rights today.  The Abolitionists who formed the Republican Party forged alliances with others, across the political spectrum, whose philosophical and moral compass could not allow the institution of slavery to continue to destroy lives. Today’s political “progressives” consider unborn human life refuse, deserving of no protection, and an impediment to individual freedom unless mutilated and discarded like trash.


Critics of try desperately to ignore history, distort the present, and avoid the simple truth.  Abortion is the ultimate form of discrimination–killing those who are supposedly “unwanted.” The Negro Project was the catalyst, and legalized abortion enshrined every eugenic talking point–none of which have changed today.  Wisconsin’s own modern-day Margaret Sanger, Anne Nicol Gaylor, celebrates the fact the she has funded nearly 19,000 abortions for low-income women (those deemed by eugenicists and Planned Parenthood of being a burden on society).  Gaylor not only funds the killing of thousands of unborn children (never offering an alternative because eugenic charity is comprised of offering death), she has been on a life-long crusade to purge Christianity from the public space, and spread the religion of overpopulation mythology. Ms. Gaylor, co-founder of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, says that anti-abortion advocates are “religiously motivated, not intellectually motivated.” This from a woman who’s the founder of the Madison chapter of Zero Population Growth (now known as Population Connection).12 This group, founded by overpopulation alarmist Paul Ehrlich, predicted ever-so-wrongly that13:

“By 1985 enough millions will have died (due to massive starvation) to reduce the earth’s population to some acceptable level, like 1.5 billion people…by 1980 the United States will see life expectancy drop to 42 years because of pesticides, and by 1999 its population would plummet to 22.6 million.”

Eugenics is alive and tragically well.  Its disdain of actual science and religion and its complete embrace of overpopulation mythology defines Planned Parenthood and other population control organizations today.  We dare to challenge the status quo and see destruction where they see “justice” and life-affirming solutions when they heavily promote saline solution.  Protecting the most defenseless, the unborn, is the human rights issue of our day.



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All research conducted, verified, and written by The Radiance Foundation. All content written and ©2010
© The Radiance Foundation, a 501c3 educational, life-affirming nonprofit that celebrates beautiful Possibility in every human life.