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The Impact on Texas

"Black & Unwanted" billboards exposed the epidemic of abortion in the black community and the lie that black children were not wanted through adoption.

“Black & Unwanted” billboards exposed the epidemic of abortion in the black community and the lie that black children were not wanted through adoption.

Texas was ground zero for the turning point in America’s abortion history.  Despite over a century of laws protecting the life of unborn children, the decision of a handful of men (aka judicial activists) radically and violently changed the nature of our society.  Norma McCorvey (Jane Roe) of Dallas County, Texas, was a single woman involved in a lesbian relationship who found herself pregnant in 1969.  She had given up two children already to adoption and didn’t want to do that again.  Instead, she wanted to pursue an abortion.1 In Texas, since the mid 1800s, it was illegal to get an abortion unless the life of the mother was endangered.2 So she lied about being raped, and with two lawyers, managed to invalidate Texas’ abortion statutes and every other state’s abortion bans with the unconstitutionally passed Roe v. Wade.  Although she never had an abortion (her third child was placed for adoption), she was the “poster-girl” for the abortion movement.  That all changed in 1995, when she became a Christian and a passionate prolife advocate.3 Roe v. Wade, which was based upon lies, perverted our 9th and 14th Amendment to justify murder, is considered to be the cause of suffering of millions of women by this Texas native.

Today, this has translated into a reported 81,591 abortions in 2008 in the state of Texas, according to the Department of State Health Services.  78,330 of these are Texas residents.4 Any life lost due to an abortion is a tragedy, no matter the race. But there is an alarming disparity when you look at the actual numbers of those aborted. Black women account for a quarter of all abortions in Texas, nearly twice their representation among the female population (12.7% of the female population of women ages 15-44). There were 19,708 abortions on black women — the highest number in over 18 years.  White women account for 31% of state abortions yet comprise 42.4% of the female population. Hispanics comprise 36% of all state abortions, but are 40.3% of the female population.5

Since the overt days of eugenics, this has been by design. Texas has the second-most Planned Parenthood clinics in the nation (second only to California).  According to Planned Parenthood’s website, there are 87 Planned Parenthood clinics, of which all refer/counsel for abortions.  There are 14 abortion clinics that are run by Planned Parenthood, that provide the majority of abortions in the state of Texas, including the largest abortion facility in the western hemisphere, called “Prevention Park”. In fact, in a bizarre twist of religiosity, their opening ceremony including calling their newly opened abortion mill “holy and sacred ground”. Contrary to the propaganda, Planned Parenthood, a billion dollar worldwide organization, does not represent the best interests of women.  Millions of those who are post-abortive will and have testified to this.

“We must stand up to politicians who want to restrict a woman’s ability to make her own health care decisions in consultation with her doctor.”–Planned Parenthood Action Center on support of Partial Birth Abortion6

Pro-abortion propaganda heralds Roe v. Wade as a private decision between a woman and her doctor. But in Texas (as in most other states), that “doctor” is not her personal physician who has a vested interest in her health. This “doctor” is an abortionist who is making a profit off a singular act–the mutilation and dismemberment of her unborn child. In fact, in 2008, 71,566 of the total 81,591 statewide abortions occurred in abortion clinics–that’s 88% of all abortions in the state. Another 7% are performed in abortion clinics that have Ambulatory Surgical Centers. That’s 95% of all abortions performed in Texas which see NO consultation between a woman and her personal physician. Less than .3%–that’s .0029–of all Texas’ abortions are performed by either a private physician or a hospital, totaling 238 abortions.7

LIES & DISTORTION: “In many places we’re the only source for family planning services.  If somehow Planned Parenthood was prevented from being a family planning provider, it would have an incredibly devastating impact on women across the state.”

— Sarah Wheat, Director of Public Affairs for Planned Parenthood of the Texas Capital Region8

The above quote, from a recent news article, reveals Planned Parenthood’s complete and utter dishonesty when it comes to availability. Planned Parenthood claims that they are the only resource for women who need quality “reproductive health care”, especially low-income individuals. They deliberately fail to mention that there are 300 federally-funded clinic sites, across the state, that provide the EXACT SAME reproductive health care services that Planned Parenthood does.9 They also provide much more general healthcare services, far beyond what Planned Parenthood clinics do.  The only difference is that they neither offer nor perform abortions. These are Title X and Title V funded clinics and they are also funded by the state.  (NOTE:  According to Kaiser Health News and federal Title V, Women’s Health Program guidelines, “participating clinics can’t perform or promote elective abortions, be affiliates of entities that perform or promote elective abortions or even refer medical problems to health care providers affiliated with abortion providers.”)  Texas should immediately abide by the federal law and strip Planned Parenthood clinics of prohibited taxpayer monies.

Planned Parenthood fails to mention these numerous other locations because, in the end, abortion brings them in millions of dollars every year. Nationally, they perform over 330,000 abortions. That’s over $200 million in revenue for this supposed non-profit. They aren’t the only ones conning our society with “choice”, but they are the leading abortion chain, receiving $542.2 million in taxpayer dollars each year. Recent “healthcare reform” legislation will increase this to billions.


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