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Now that you know the Truth from the Propaganda, what can you do? We want you to be outraged enough to actually take peaceful ACTion! against the destruction that abortion brings to the unborn, to the would-be mother and father and to a community that is stripped of possibility.


You can channel your outrage in a powerful and constructive way.

CALL 1.877.51.SHINE and schedule a live presentation at your school, church or organization and help others discover the truth.  CONTACT US ONLINE.  Thousands have heard us speak the Truth, and lives have been changed!

FIND OUT WHAT’S GOING ON in your local community, your state, and on the federal level. Connect with online resources that can keep you informed of Life issues.  Visit LifeNews.comLifeSiteNews.com, JillStanek.com or LiveAction for the latest in ProLife news.


All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to do nothing. There are many ways to take ACTion! and be involved:

SIGN UP AND GET CONNECTED. Keep informed on the latest with TooManyAborted.com and ways you can help.

ASSIST THE LIFE-AFFIRMING RESOURCES IN YOUR COMMUNITY. Simple proof that prolife advocates care for those througout ALL stages of life, HiddenChoices.org is a great resource that provides a comprehensive spectrum of support for pregnancy, parenting, financial resources

FIND A PREGNANCY CENTER NEAR YOU and VOLUNTEER. They are on the frontlines of providing compassion, care, and material and spiritual support to woman who need help with their pregnancies.

SPONSOR A BILLBOARD and help reach communities with the life-affirming message of TooManyAborted.com. All donations are tax-deductible.

ORDER PRINTED/PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL from our Resource Store and help expose the impact of abortion on the black community. All donations to our Resource Store are tax-deductible.

FOLLOW US ON TWITTER at twitter.com/lifehaspurpose. Tweet the info you find on this site.

BOOK A SPEAKING EVENT in your community that exposes the propaganda of the pro-abortion agenda and its real objective: making a profit from the deception and destruction of human life.

DONATE a tax-deductible financial gift and help The Radiance Foundation illuminate the truth through media campaigns (like TooManyAborted.com), speaking engagements, multi-media presentations, and community outreach.


Abortion is not a political issue.  It is a moral issue.  It coarsens our very humanity.  Out of the heart the mouth speaks, so take ACTion! and let your heart be heard.

CONTACT YOUR LOCAL/STATE REPRESENTATIVES and find out what they’re doing about this human crisis.

HELP ELIMINATE TAX-PAYER FUNDING of abortion (i.e. as included in the Affordable Health Care Act and in state/federal Medicaid) by defunding Planned Parenthood and global population control efforts (i.e. UN Population Fund).


For Media Inquiries, please call 1.877.51.SHINE (74463), email us at thetruth@toomanyaborted.com, or simply complete the Contact Form below.


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