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NY Times Celebrates Abortion Epidemic

NY Times Celebrates Abortion Epidemic
 OP-ED rejected by the NY Times…


Ms. Greenhouse proves, in her February 10th Opinion piece, “What Would Shirley Do” that opinion doesn’t have to be predicated upon facts. The feigned outrage of abortion apologists over the use of “forcible rape” language in HR3 is meaningless compared to the absolute silence from the same when actual rape is covered up by Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry. The wording “forcible rape”, by the way, is the terminology used by the FBI when reporting these horrific crimes.

I am, by the way, one who was born out of rape. My birth mother’s courageous decision to choose Life has literally positively impacted millions, especially those that I’ve committed my life to care for, love and serve through various outreaches.  I created the “Endangered Species” / campaign to highlight the destructive impact abortion is having, disproportionately, in the black community.

February is Black History Month, and as a black individual, there is no way for me to see 53.2% of all NYC black pregnancies aborted as any sort of achievement, but a destructive epidemic tragedy. Nowhere in America is our “Black Children Are An Endangered Species” messaging more painfully evident than in NYC. There is nothing to celebrate about MORE black children being killed by abortion than are born alive in NYC. The fatherlessness in the black community, where 72.5% of children born are out of wedlock is nothing to enshrine. Statewide, 61.7% of all black women having abortions are repeat customers. With all of the evidence shows, this is deliberate and by design.  Decades of failure to reduce “unintended” pregnancies still see hundreds of millions of Title X taxpayer funding rewarding Planned Parenthood and its allies for abject failure. As an adoptee and an adoptive father, I can’t help but mourn the loss (regardless of race) of beautiful possibility.

Today, 34% of NYC’s 118,381 abortions are on black women, 29% on white and 23% on Hispanics (keeping in mind the racial makeup on NYC is about 45% white, 27% black and 27% Hispanic according to 2000 US Census Bureau Data). Abortion is a tragedy no matter the race, but to put it into even clearer perspective, 1489 black babies are aborted for every 1000 that are born alive; 256 white babies are killed via abortion for every 1000 that are born alive. Black children are aborted 5.8 times more than white babies in NYC.

The obscene lies about infant and maternal mortality rates (MMR) need a truth infusion from actual stats from the CDC and the NY State Department of Health. NYC maternal mortality was 30.3 (per 100,000 live births) in 1969, 26.1 in 1970, 18.3 in 1971, and 19.7 in 1972. It was NOT cut in half by the legalization of abortion.  Let’s talk actual numbers here. In 1968, there were a total of 66 maternal deaths in NYC, compared to 141,920 live births with 608 legal abortions and 59 illegal.  How is it that in 1970, when abortion was legalized in NYC, there were MORE MATERNAL DEATHS…68…(20 from abortions) with 19,349 legal abortions?  Abortion does not reduce maternal deaths. It causes them. In 2008, there were 44 maternal deaths in NYC, a rate of 12.1 which is on par with the national MMR, yet NYC’s abortion ratio (677.4 abortions per 1,000 live births) is nearly 3 times higher than the national average. Every death is tragic, but how do 44 maternal deaths justify the willful killing of 118,381 innocent unborn lives?  Maternal deaths increased during the 80s and 90s (when abortion hit its peak in the US) and continue to climb, most notably because of women delaying pregnancy. Women ages 35 and older are 7x more at risk of maternal death according to the CDC.

Infant mortality (IMR) was NOT cut in half by abortion. The IMR was 24.1 from 1966-1969, 21.6 in 1970 and 20.9 in 1971, according to the NY State Dept of Health. The true historical perspective reveals that infant mortality has been on the decline since the early 1900s. Every year since, just as with maternal mortality, it had declined NOT BECAUSE OF ABORTION but because of medical advances and the “discovery and widespread use of antimicrobial agents (sulfonamide and penicillin)” according to the CDC. In NYC, the 2008 infant mortality rate was 5.1, equating to 620 deaths.  So, for the abortion apologists, the answer to 620 tragic untimely infant deaths is 118,381 more deliberate killings?

In the end, the abortion industry doesn’t like to deal in actual numbers. Just as apologists have shown such intense aversion to biological and historical facts pertaining to Life issues, statistics, too, are anathema to them simply for revealing the industry and its advocates for who they are…propagandists.

Ryan Bomberger
Creator of “Endangered Species” / campaign
Chief Creative Officer, The Radiance Foundation


  • February 12, 2011

    Right on, Ryan ! Thanks for heading ’em off at the pass. We’re showing MAAFA 21 (Black Genocide 21st C) at every opportunity and appreciate your inspired Endangered Species campaign. We have loosed a spirit of murder in the violent slaughter of our most precious resource. God warns Israel often in the Bible that child sacrifice is anathema to Him. America as a nation stands in mortal danger. Proverbs 24 says “Rescue those being led to slaughter…. If you say you didn’t know it, (you/we all will still be accountable.)

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  • Crystal
    March 12, 2011

    The problem I see is that you never discuss the reasons why women, regardless of race or color would consider an abortion. What would you tell a woman who is considering an abortion because she cannot afford another mouth to feed.? With cutbacks of programs that sustain many low income families, many feel that they have no choice but to abort. Do you think that a crisis pregnancy center is going to provide food for her family as well as pay for the rent and utilities to keep a roof on their head? The reason why Hispanics do not seek an abortion is because many are devout Catholics and their beliefs influence their choices. Also, Hispanics tend to married and have more resources than single African American mothers do.

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  • Sam
    August 24, 2012

    Crystal, I would tell a womam who can’t afford another mouth to feed to stop conceiving babies! If you truly can’t afford to have a baby, or even afford your own abortion, then stop having sex! Sad but true. Accept responsibility for your actions.

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