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MLK and the Injustice of Abortion

MLK and the Injustice of Abortion

Today, we honor a man whose words agitated, illuminated, inspired and liberated millions. Martin Luther King Jr. was a civil rights warrior with weapons, not of blade or bullet, but of ideas. In 2012 those ideas are spoken by many, yet followed by few.  We’re still obsessed with the hue of our skin, while ignoring the more valuable substance that lies within. Some call it “judging a book by its cover”. We’ve all done it, many times to our own embarrassment.

Martin Luther King Jr. was no different. He became enamored with the façade of Planned Parenthood and its glossy cover of family planning and the false assurance of eliminating poverty. Birth control promised equality. It failed. Instead, the divide that King fought so passionately to mend became a chasm filled with communities ravaged by out-of-wedlock births, exponentially high STD/HIV rates, and rampant fatherlessness.

I am grateful, beyond words, for King’s tireless efforts to elevate humanity. His ultimate sacrifice, his very life, reminds me that there are things worth dying for. I know our collective memories of America’s civil rights champions are sacrosanct. But extraordinary people like Martin Luther King Jr. are not omniscient. They were, and are, quite fallible.

Little did Martin Luther King Jr. know that his words (or arguably Coretta Scott King’s) in 1966, immortalized in ink and praising Planned Parenthood, would literally turn blood-red.

Planned Parenthood, the nation’s number one killer of African-Americans (more die by abortion than all other causes of death combined), boasts of King’s support at the 1966 inauguration of the Margaret Sanger Award. Abortion wasn’t legal then and married couples adorned the covers of Planned Parenthood’s printed propaganda.

In an advice column he wrote for Ebony magazine, from 1957-1958, King recognized the wrong of abortion in a response to a young man who compelled his girlfriend to the crime. He advised, in part: “One can never rectify a mistake until he admits that a mistake has been made.”

Taking cues from his own advice, supporting Planned Parenthood was King’s mistake. There are disturbing questions that have to be asked, such as “How much did MLK know about this eugenics-birthed organization?” Surely he knew that its founder, Margaret Sanger, prided herself in speaking before the KKK on behalf of her organization’s mission. Did he know about the failed Negro Project? He had to be aware that the president of Planned Parenthood, during the time he accepted the award (via his wife, Coretta), was Alan Guttmacher, former Vice President of the irrefutably racist American Eugenics Society. Certainly he knew eugenicists were forcibly sterilizing women, disproportionately black, across the country, work involving many Planned Parenthood affiliates. Did he not know that all of the peaceful protests, sit-ins, and boycotts in the South were aimed at eugenics-based Jim Crow laws?

Or was he, like many others, too fixed on that glossy cover to turn the page and find out what was inside?

Sadly, his lack of awareness of Planned Parenthood spurred on an even more insidious injustice than that which he challenged with such spiritual fervor. We honor a great man while acknowledging he wasn’t always right. Abortion is now epidemic in the black community. In New York City, abortion occurs 5.8 times more among blacks than whites. Sixty percent of all black pregnancies in NYC, the home of Planned Parenthood, end in abortion. It is epidemic. This certainly isn’t the “dream” MLK spoke of, but a nightmare reality that feeds the abortion industry’s bottom line.

Planned Parenthood commits heinous injustice every single day. When the nation’s largest abortion chain invokes King’s name, to justify the slaughter of over 1.21 million innocent lives each year, it mocks the sacrifice of one who fought, and died, for human dignity.

Martin Luther Kings Jr’s words from decades ago still ring powerfully true: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere!”




  • Kimberly
    February 24, 2012

    Every year on MLK Day, since 2001, I am reminded of a family tragedy. My son was friends with a boy who has grown up to become my nephew-in-law. Our families were close from the time the boys were just 3 years old. I thought it was wonderful that the boy and my niece became high school sweethearts. I was proud of the young man when he earned the MLK Scholarship. Then my sister-in-law found a receipt for an abortion in my 16 year old niece’s dresser drawer. My brother and sister-in-law were so angry, it split the family apart. My niece first told them it was none of their business, then explained that she “had” to do it or her boyfriend would lose his MLK Scholarship. I have since learned that others in the family, whom she had confided in, offered to adopt the baby, but she declined, saying it wouldn’t save the young man from being disqualified from the terms of the scholarship. According to my niece, the young man I considered a nephew, and his parents, the scholarship absolutely forbids any recipient to be a parent before the age of 21 years. Any recipient who becomes pregnant or who fathers a child is disqualified, even if the baby is given up for adoption. I don’t know if that’s true, but that’s what they said. Yet the two young people did not begin exercising self-control. Within 3 months she was pregnant again. She was 3 months pregnant when she was a bridesmaid in my daughter’s wedding. Soon after, she said she had a miscarriage caused by the pregnancy being too soon after her abortion, but a year or two later she confessed to my daughter that she had had another abortion days after the wedding. Eventually she and the young man did marry, as soon as he was 21, and she was pregnant at the ceremony, but told everyone except my daughter that she conceived on her honeymoon. Since then she has given birth to 3 children spaced 2 years apart – the age at which she would be required to seek work and be cut from cash welfare (she could still receive food assistance if she looks for work). The young man is pursuing his doctorate degree. I rejoice in the lives of my grand-nieces and nephews, and my niece and nephew-in-law are loving, nurturing parents. My niece continually talks of how much she loves each of her babies and she would never choose to be anything but a mother – but she talks about it a little too much for normal conversation. There’s also a sense that they use the babies as commodities, sometimes it slips out in statements such as when she explains the welfare work requirements and in the way she explains procedures in obtaining nice housing. I suppose that’s no surprise considering that they still defend their “choice” to abort (while refusing to acknowledge that the “choice” was *coerced* by the terms of the MLK Scholarship!). They strongly defend “women’s right to choose,” but neglect to discuss the man’s role in coercing my niece into an abortion, and perhaps the medical establishment’s role in contributing to the coercion. I can personally vouch for having faced heavy pressure in what is supposedly *my* “personal family planning choices.” Too many doctors and nurses have been anything but compassionate and supportive towards me in the matter of my “reproductive health” because I refuse to use artificial birth control. I can only imagine their reaction had I become pregnant according to their predictions! Based on how strongly and emotionally they exclaimed, “YOU CANNOT BECOME PREGNANT!” — not a diagnosis, mind you, but on the basis of factors such as my family’s economic/financial situation, therefore a COMMAND that I not become pregnant. Perversely, they made this demand despite my experiences with various forms of birth control — for health reasons, I really cannot use it! I’m allergic to metal, so I can’t use the IUD. I had adverse reactions to the hormones in various prescriptions of the Pill — and after I had learned to monitor my ovulation, I realized I was still ovulating while on the Pill, so I refused to risk conceiving a child that would be aborted! I have a “tilted uterus,” so diaphragms are painful and ineffective, and on top of that I had allergic reactions to the spermicides used with the diaphragm, but I used it all despite the discomfort …and that’s when my first child was conceived – I learned to monitor ovulation when she was 9 months old, had one planned baby when she was 2 years old, and have not gotten pregnant since — 29 years now! But even when my younger child was 25 years old, and I had to switch doctors for insurance reasons, the new doctor flipped out that I wasn’t on artificial birth control. I point this out because it sure feels like eugenics to me – what is supposed to be a “private choice between a patient and her physician” has, in my experience, been strong coercion from physicians and nurses who deem themselves worthy to make my reproductive choices. No, not worthy! Rather “ordained”! I thank God that today I am able to receive health care from doctors of faith who practice at the regional Catholic medical facilities. They are doctors who respect my intelligence and my reasoned choice. It was such a relief after 28 years of feeling under attack in the doctor’s office, ever since I became unexpectedly pregnant with my first child and the African-American female doctor accused me of being careless, saying, “The only way you can get pregnant while using a diaphragm and spermicide is if you don’t use it.” I felt like I was shaming her, and I was so ashamed. Before I end this long comment, I want to return to the point of coercion by fathers in avoiding parenthood. When people claim that abortion is about the “woman’s right to choose,” I cannot think of many examples among women I know. Whether it’s about avoiding pregnancy or aborting a pregnancy, I can only think of one-three men who wanted to become fathers but were prevented because their wives used birth control. In all other cases, the men made it very clear that they did not want children from their wives, live-in partners or girlfriends. When I’ve supported women who became unexpectedly pregnant — many while using birth control — very few had the support of the baby’s father. It’s a deep shame when a woman suffers the wrath of the father of her child simply because God showed us who’s Boss when it comes to creating life. One woman I know was told she had scarred fallopian tubes and would never become pregnant. But she gave birth shortly before her first wedding anniversary. It tried their finances, so they used spermicides, and had a second child. She had her tubes cut and tied while she was still on the delivery table, and 2 years later conceived a set of fraternal twins – two separate eggs. Her husband abandoned the family, but she held faith that God wants these children. Her experience is a verified medical fact — she had to have a C-section for the twins, the OB assumed the tubes were not “tied” properly, but the OR staff were amazed to find the clamps still securely in place, documented with photographs. No matter what the eugenics crowd wants, God will not be mocked.

  • Betty V. Holcomb
    March 15, 2012

    God has given women the moral fiber to make personal decisions about their reproductive health and when and if they choose to become mothers. Please respect that and ask your legislative representatives to do the same. Reproductive choice does NOT belong in the courts. Your negative experiences with physicians was a lesson to search further to find one who supported your decisions and gave you medical, only medical advice in your choice.

  • March 15, 2012

    God has given us ALL the ability to make healthy moral choices that DON’T include killing another human life. Funny how the “choice” doesn’t belong in the courts, but “prochoice” advocates then demand that all of us pay for others’ “reproductive” choices. Can’t have it both ways. We strongly advise all medical advice is shared, which is why we support Women’s Right to Know legislation. We hope you support the same.

  • January 22, 2014

    King was pro-abortion!

    Enough said!

  • January 22, 2014

    “Sadly his lack of awareness …”?

    Where do you get the information that says he was unaware of that for which Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood stood, when he clearly praised her for that?

    Convenient “redeeming” of your hero while tearing him down for the pro-death fool and profligate he was!

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