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Impact in Indiana

"GONE: 16 million and counting" by The Radiance Foundation

“GONE:” billboard created by The Radiance Foundation and co-sponsored by Lake County Right to Life


The Hoosier state has many things to be proud of historically and presently. However, it owns the regretful distinction of being the first state to legalize involuntary sterilization. In 1907, the state passed a law allowing the involuntary sterilization of “confirmed criminals, idiots, imbeciles and rapists.” It was not repealed until 1974. Indiana was also home to the “better babies” movement (hint: which didn’t include black babies). These contests were held at state fairs and festivals. These contests morphed into “Fitter Family Contests” which, since funded and promoted by the American Eugenics Movement, didn’t include non-white families.

Planned Parenthood's Defrauds Medicaid

Planned Parenthood defrauds American taxpayers millions of dollars by stealing from Medicaid.

But with time. Some things change for the better. Indiana became the first state to pass a law to defund Planned Parenthood, disallowing Medicaid dollars to fund the billion-dollar abortion giant. However, federal judges ruled against the state in a bizarre twist of ideology. An unborn human is not a person, but Planned Parenthood is and Constitutionally, according to these activist judges, could not be “discriminated” against.

Never mind that Planned Parenthood, prior to and after Indiana’s attempt to defund the abortion chain’s state affiliate, had been caught defrauding Medicaid in numerous states (e.g. Texas, New Jersey, California, New York, and Iowa).  In Texas, the abortion giant had to pay $4.3 million (which was only a fraction of what they stole from American taxpayers) back to the federal government, the state, and to a former Planned Parenthood employee (whistleblower). Despite their continual corruption, the federal government continues to pour hundreds of millions into a billion-dollar corporate giant that shows no regard for human life, in or out of the womb.




Indiana abortions in relation to percentage of population.

These are Indiana abortion statistics in relation to percentage of population to show the extreme disparity in abortion rates by race.

Planned Parenthood deceives the public on a regular basis. Any business that kills human life for profit will have no qualms being dishonest with accounting. Indiana may have failed to defund Planned Parenthood at this time, but the state has put in place many pro-life protections to help reduce abortions in the state. The goal, of course, of those who believe abortion is the ultimate human rights violation is the abolition of this violence from the Hoosier state. According to the Indiana State Department of Health there were 8,027 abortions in the state in 2013. Whites comprise 86.3% of the state’s population, yet accounted for 63% of the total number of abortions, while Blacks are 9.5% of the population yet comprise 27.4% of all statewide abortions. This means abortion occurs in the black community at a rate nearly 3 times more than its percentage of Indiana’s population. This same drastic disparity is similar across the country where black babies are aborted at rates up to 5 times higher than those of the majority population, such as in New York State, where more black babies are aborted than born alive.


Planned Parenthood targets black communities. The abortion chain typically places its abortion centers in population areas that are disproportionately black.

Planned Parenthood targets black communities. The abortion chain typically places its abortion centers in population areas that are disproportionately black.

In Indiana, we see the same pattern of deliberate targeting of minority communities that is the hallmark of Plannned Parenthood across the country. The abortion chain feigns outrage over their claim that “89% of U.S. counties had no known abortion provider.” No one is forcing them to build their abortion centers in mostly urban areas. If they want their killing centers in suburban and rural areas, they have over a billion dollars in assets. They can build anywhere. The point is that, for historical and profitable reasons, they have always targeted the most vulnerable communities (click here to see where Planned Parenthood’s 4 Indiana abortion centers are conveniently located). Every one of their abortion centers (these are the centers that commit abortions not just refer for them) are located in predominantly and hugely disproportionate black neighborhoods. (Click here to download hi-rez “TARGETING” PDF.)


Events in Ferguson reminded us that #BlackLivesMatter. But apparently, they only matter some of the time. Certainly not in the womb, where injustice ends the lives of over 363,000 black babies every year under the guise of “reproductive justice”. Today’s civil rights movement has been hijacked by those who celebrate the death of millions, claiming that killing another human life somehow brings equality. Martin Luther King Jr., who was given the inaugural “Margaret Sanger Award” from Planned Parenthood in 1966, had his wife Coretta Scott King accept the award on his behalf. He never would have imagined that the birth control chain, which wasn’t committing abortions in 1966 because it wasn’t even legal, would become the bloodiest industry in America. King affirmed all human life. His dream wasn’t the dehumanization of one group of people in order elevate another. He fought for the dignity of all human beings. Today his niece, Dr. Alveda King, truly carries the mantle of his legacy of freedom and justice as she declares “civil rights begin in the womb!”



In spite of a rather sordid past, the Hoosier state has many things to be proud of in the present! Indiana is the 7th most pro-life state in the nation due, in part, to good, pro-life legislation. As well, abortions have ceased at three clinics in Indiana. Affiliated Women’s Services, operated by Leroy Carhart in Indianapolis, was closed in June, 2014. Abortionist Ulrich G. Klopfer was ordered by the Indiana State Board of Health (ISDH) to cease doing abortions in Fort Wayne as of January 1, 2014 and in Gary as of July 1, 2014 due to lack of admitting privileges or a back-up physician. Abortionist Klopfer has been charged and convicted in Licensure_Survey-imageSt. Joseph County for failure to obey Indiana law requiring that the abortion of a child under 14 must be reported to the ISDH and Department of Child Services within 3 days. He has been charged for the same offense in Lake County at Friendship Family Planning in Gary and is awaiting trial. He also failed to report on a thirteen-year-old in Fort Wayne as well. When her parents reported it themselves, investigation revealed that a twenty-one-year-old man was molesting her. Protecting children from such abuse and neglect is the purpose of the law, but abortionist Klopfer told the press that instead of reporting, he tells the mothers of young girls to take them to another state!

The diligent oversight of Right to Life organizations from Lake, St. Joseph, and Allen counties resulted in the filing of hundreds of complaints (see videos here and here) against abortionist Klopfer and the alerting of state officials to his illegal practices.

Lake County Right to Life, as well as other Indiana Right to Life affiliates, continue to monitor the Termination of Pregnancy Reports (TPRs) submitted by abortionists at clinics in our counties – Friendship Family Planning (Gary) and Planned Parenthood (Merrillville). They also  monitor the ISDH licensure surveys of the abortion clinics in Lake County and continue to file complaints on the egregious failures of these clinics to maintain safe and legal conditions in their facilities. See the outrageous violations in these reports filed by the Indiana State Department of Health on Planned Parenthood’s Merrillville’s Abortion Center and the Friendship Family Planning Clinic.

The Hoosier state may rank high on the prolife list, but not on pro-abortion Guttmacher’s* list, because Indiana:

  • Requires women to receive fully-informed, in-person, counseling before having an abortion;
  • Requires an 18 hour waiting period;
  • Abortion, under the “Affordable Care Act’, is only covered if the woman’s life is endangered or in cases of rape or incest;
  • So-called “telemedicine” used for medication abortion is illegal;
  • Requires parental consent before a minor seeks an abortion;
  • A woman must undergo an ultrasound (which is already done every time an abortion is committed)…the only difference is that the abortionist must offer the woman the option to view the image of her unborn child.

Abortion rates and total numbers having been dropping for the past few years, and prolife legislative efforts are a huge part of that victory.


Contrary to the pro-abortion rhetoric repeated by mainstream media and “higher” education, abortion is never the end of the story. It doesn’t eliminate poverty. Women (ages 15-44) have higher rates of poverty today (over 15.5%) than before the Roe ruling (10% in January 1973). It doesn’t solve the issues leading to “unintended pregnancies”. In fact, the national unintended pregnancy rate is higher now than it was two decades ago. Back in 1995, the CDC reported that 49% of all U.S. pregnancies were “unintended”. That rate has only increased since then to the current rate of 51%. More contraception has not reduced unintended pregnancies.

Hardly anyone talks about the reality that abortion is rarely a singular act. Many who seek abortions have had previous abortions. In Indiana, among white women, 31.2% of those having abortions have had 1 or more previous ones. Among black women, those numbers are even higher. Forty-nine percent have had 1 or more previous abortions; 161 black women have had 3 or more abortions in the state. The abortion industry is not in the business in solving issues, encouraging the strength of families, addressing sexual abuse, or providing the financial, emotion or material means to combat poverty.

Abortion only violently ends (at least) one human life, and leaves many mothers and fathers wondering why they chose to kill their unborn child. But there is help.  All across the country, there are millions who’ve faced unplanned pregnancies and gotten the help, hope and even the post-abortive healing they needed. We need to be a society who provides resources to support each other, not reasons to sacrifice others.


*The Guttmacher Institute is a radically pro-abortion organization that was begun inside Planned Parenthood as its “scientific arm” to add credibility to the organization’s propaganda. They are still funded millions by Planned Parenthood. Sadly, only the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Guttmacher provide national statistics on abortion; the CDC’s numbers are only partial. Even though the abortion industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, there is no federal mandate to report abortion numbers. Guttmacher reports on the prolife protections of each state. 


© The Radiance Foundation, a 501c3 educational, life-affirming nonprofit that celebrates beautiful Possibility in every human life.