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Impact on Virginia



If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy, there is help, right here in this local area. Contact the Keim Centers, Catholic Charities of Eastern Virgnia, or Bethany Christian Services. Or, you can call 1-800-712-HELP (4357) for free confidential pregnancy help and information. There are many who’ve been where you are and can help you and love you through this time in your life.

We have an epidemic of fatherlessness in this country. The US Census Bureau reports that 41% of children are born into homes without fathers: 35.7% among white children and 72.3% among black children. Father absence is a leading contributor to childhood poverty. A child who grows up in a single female-led home is 5 times more likely to live in poverty, compared to those who grow up in a married two-parent (male/female) home. Children who grow up in a single female-led home, with a live-in boyfriend, are 8-10 times more likely to suffer from neglect and physical/sexual abuse. In the U.S. 84% of all abortions are among unmarried women–women abandoned by men, by the fathers of their children.

We need fathers.


In 1995 in Virginia, non-marital live births amounted to 29.3% of all live births; in 2010, 36% of all live births are to unmarried women. Unintended pregnancies, according to the Guttmacher Institute, are the reason behind “virtually every abortion”. Since 84% of our nation’s abortions are among unmarried women, nonmarital births are the greatest contributor to our tragic abortion statistics. Nationally, non-marital births have risen thirteen fold from 1940 (89,500 births, or 3.8% of all live births) to 1990 (1.17 million births, or 32.6% of all live births).

UNMARRIED BIRTH RATE - graphic by The Radiance Foundation

In 1963, 24% of births among blacks and 3.1% among whites were non-marital. The rate among the black population caused (then the Assistant Secretary of Labor) Daniel Patrick Moynihan to sound an alarm, and the War on Poverty was launched. Today’s most recent CDC statistics (here and here) show an alarming unmarried birth rate, that continues to rise.

“Despite the currently older age profile of unmarried mothers [women 20 and older], concerns remain because their infants are at greater risk of low birthweight, preterm birth, and dying in infancy, and are more likely to live in poverty than babies born to married women.” –Centers for Disease Control (CDC), National Vital Statistics Report, Vol 60, Number 1, Nov 2011


In Virginia, there were 24,892 abortions (68/day) in 2010 (the latest year reported). Of those abortions, 48.8% were among white women (who comprise 72.7% of the state’s population), and 42.6% were among black women (who comprise 20.5% of the state’s population.) In 1995, there were 25,548 abortions where 59% were among white women and 36% were among black women. The trend, just as with teenage pregnancies, is that the numbers/rates are going down in the majority population but continue to increase in the minority population. Our children deserve more than a culture of death, abandonment, and poverty-ridden single-parent homes. We cherish all single parents and know many do all they can to provide for their child(ren), but we have to focus on what is best for our children. celebrates women and men in the role of mother and father in two-parent married homes. Here is where children, according to all of the statistical evidence, grow up in emotionally, physically, economically, and spiritually healthy environments. There are many national and local life-affirming resources available for those facing unplanned pregnancies.

Men must step up and take responsibility. For those who do, we applaud you. For those who don’t know how, there are resources for you, too. Death is never a solution to life that is “unplanned”.

Fact Sheet -


Planned Parenthood’s leadership claims, falsely, that if federal support is withdrawn from Planned Parenthood, women will have nowhere to go for health care. The Department of Health and Human Services (Office of Population Affairs), however, reveals that there are over 4500 Title-X funded medical clinics throughout the United States, with nearly 1 clinic in nearly 75% of all counties. Although many Planned Parenthood abortion facilities receive Title-X funding (against federal guidelines disallowing programs that include abortion to receive these taxpayer funds), that still leaves nearly 4,000 medical clinics that provide the exact same reproductive healthcare as Planned Parenthood–without performing abortions.

But saving the community starts in the home.

Children are best raised in loving families with mothers and fathers. Healthy families are at the root of an economically, materially, emotionally, educationally, and spiritually stable home. This is why The Radiance Foundation, the Virginia Coalition for Life, and millions across this country encourage our nation, the Commonwealth, and our communities to promote life-affirming solutions, like adoption and parenthood, to help strengthen women, men and children.


“Fatherhood Begins in the Womb” concept was co-created by Ryan Bomberger of The Radiance Foundation and Walter Hoye of Issues4Life Foundation. All content ©2012 The Radiance Foundation.





© The Radiance Foundation, a 501c3 educational, life-affirming nonprofit that celebrates beautiful Possibility in every human life.