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Kermit Gosnell and His House of Horrors

Kermit Gosnell -

Millionaire abortionist Kermit Gosnell is standing trial for 8 counts of murder. His “House of Horrors” preyed on the poor and minorities in Philadelphia.


By Ryan Bomberger, Chief Creative Officer of The Radiance Foundation

Abortion activists worship abortion. It is sacred to them. Nothing on earth, according to the faithful, should ever desecrate the “holy ground” upon which this ritual is performed over 1,000 times a day. Even if that ground is soaked with the blood of women killed and maimed and babies brutally murdered after being born alive.

That was Philadelphia’s “House of Horrors”, run by millionaire abortionist Kermit Gosnell. For 17 years his unimaginably squalid clinic went uninspected by state officials. Nestled in a community surrounded by churches, colleges and next door to an elementary school, the innocuously named “Women’s Medical Society” was a cesspool of filth, blood-stained equipment, crumbling walls, and body parts in jars, bags and bottles.

DOWNLOAD explicit Grand Jury Report on "House of Horrors"

DOWNLOAD explicit Grand Jury Report on Kermit Gosnell’s “House of Horrors”


Gosnell proudly displayed jars of severed babies’ feet as trophies.

The Philadelphia District Attorney, R. Seth Williams (who is a Democrat), in a nearly 300 page Grand Jury Report details Gosnell’s “House of Horrors” on 3801 Lancaster in Philadelphia. “My comprehension of the English language can’t adequately describe the barbaric nature of Dr. Gosnell,” D.A. Williams said of the unspeakable conditions of the clinic that was inspected by the pro-abortion National Abortion Federation in recent years but never reported to authorities.

The best reporting on this is actually by a team of creative professionals from Pennsylvania who captured this gruesome story in one of the best issue-oriented documentaries I’ve ever seen: 3801 Lancaster (see video at bottom of article).

And as if murdering babies born alive (by severing their spinal cords with scissors) wasn’t enough, Gosnell, who is black, made sure that his white “patients” were placed in the cleaner rooms while all others were placed in the filthy rooms. This way, according to the Grand Jury Report, it would be less likely that the white women would report the abortionist or the foul clinic.


Ryan Bomberger w/ Nat'l Black Prolife Coalition outside Gosnell Clinic

Ryan Bomberger, creator of and Chief Creative Officer of The Radiance Foundation, stands with Dr. Alveda King, Rev. Arnold Culbreath, Day Gardner, Pastor Stephen Broden, and Dr. Johnny & Pat Hunter outside of the shuttered Gosnell Clinic in February 2011.


Gosnell had been getting away with utter disregard for the lives of women and children for years. I wrote about his “supercoil” abortion experiment on poor, black women bussed in from Chicago back in 1972. He seriously injured many of them, causing one to get an emergency hysterectomy. He was never held accountable for their injuries nor the illegal abortions he performed (that were filmed by a New York film crew)!

But Gosnell isn’t the exception. He is the rule.That is the natural result of abortion clinics being able, unlike any other “medical” facility, to operate in the dark. Pro-abortion activists and multi-million dollar abortion lobbying groups like NARAL, National Abortion Federation, NOW and Planned Parenthood fight against every common sense protection to regulate abortion clinics and ensure safety to, at least, the women having abortions. Of course, death is always the outcome for the unborn child, and increasingly for women who seek these “safe” and “legal” abortions.

Ask Tonya Reaves’ family. She died from a botched abortion in a Planned Parenthood clinic as her abortionist allowed her to bleed for 5.5 hours without ever calling 911. Protecting abortion was more important than protecting, and saving, her life.

Abortionists across the country have been charged with murder, illegal drug trafficking, botched abortions, rape, and millions worth of Medicaid fraud. When your business centers around killing human life, corruption in any other area is easy.

Abortionist Steve Brigham had his license revoked or suspended in numerous states. But that never stops an abortionist. State medical boards show little to no oversight or concern for abortionists who simply set up shop in another state, continuing their killing for profit. He was charged with multiple counts of murder of viable babies in secret late term abortion clinics, one of a dozen clinics he ran (many found in violation of health codes).

His cohort, fellow abortionist Nicola Riley was also charged with murder for performing illegal late term abortions. Her license was suspended in Maryland. She moved back to Utah to continue performing abortions there.

Georgia millionaire abortionist Dr. Tyrone Malloy was indicted by a Georgia grand jury of Medicaid Fraud. He killed a 23 year old woman due to a botched abortion. The State Board of Medical Examiners fined him $10,000 and allowed him to continue doing abortions.

Famed late-term abortionist, George Tiller, performed many illegal abortions in conjunction with an illegal financial relationship with another “doctor” who approved the abortions. In Kansas, another doctor had to confirm that the abortion was needed, but that medical professional could not have any ties to the abortionist. Tiller has been deified by Planned Parenthood and the abortion lobby. Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood, praised the abortionist who claimed to have performed over 80,000 abortions and told other pro-abortion doctors to be “more like George”.

Continuing in the vein of infamy, Planned Parenthood has been taken to court in state after state (most recently Iowa and Texas) for millions and millions of Medicaid fraud. But this should come at no surprise. There are no “ethics” in a billion dollar industry that endangers, and kills, human life daily.

Zero women and children have been harmed in the nation’s 2000 pregnancy care centers. Millions, since Roe, have been helped, cared for, loved and financially, emotionally, and medically provided for.

However, over 55 million children and 400 women have died inside abortion clinics, at least of the ones actually reported. We may never know as long as mainstream media plays the role of abortion advocate instead of public informer.

Despite the mainstream media’s aversion to the truth about Gosnell and what typifies the abortion industry, we will continue to illuminate the truth with many other prolife, pro-family, pro-women and true civil rights organizations that will NOT be silent. This is a human rights issue, and death of the innocent affects us all.



© The Radiance Foundation, a 501c3 educational, life-affirming nonprofit that celebrates beautiful Possibility in every human life.