Getting to The Root


Journalist Lynette Holloway broaches a subject rarely explored in Black media, and she does a good job of presenting the issue, in The Root’s “Why Is The Black Abortion Rate So High”.  Despite the misstatement that “Bomberger and others like him accuse white abortionists of exhorting black women to obtain abortions as a form of genocide” which should read “Bomberger and others like him accuse Planned Parenthood of exhorting black women to obtain abortions as a form of genocide”…we appreciate an African-American journalist (working for a subsidiary of The Washington Post) being willing to raise questions about the status quo of abortion. We applaud her for a great article and for not demonizing those in the black prolife movement (and the prolife movement in general) who passionately want to defend all life. The Radiance Foundation believes in a multi-racial approach and life-affirming solution to abortion’s racially specific destruction.

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