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Ex-Planned Parenthood Board Member Speaks the Truth



Dr. La Verne Tolbert knows about the issue of abortion, from both sides. From 1975-1980 she served as a Board member of Planned Parenthood in New York, giving her incredible and disturbing insight into the targeting that has been going on for decades by Planned Parenthood. Dr. Tolbert, in an effort to expose what she’s known for years, proclaims: “For decades, women in communities where blacks reside have been strategically targeted for abortions. And so have children who attend public schools! Under the guise of providing health services to the underserved and disadvantaged, school-based health centers on school grounds may encourage sexual activity. Children receive explicit sex education and are given contraception, birth-control, and abortions without parental notification or consent. I support The Radiance Foundation in creatively taking the initiative to educate parents and leaders in our communities.”

Well, we support you, too. As a prolife advocate, Dr. Tolbert offers valuable insight, extensive research, and undeniable proof that Planned Parenthood’s population control has been successfully dressed up in euphemism. People are beginning to realize, though, that the emperor has no clothes.



  • March 2, 2010

    This is the most ridiculous claim I have ever heard in my entire life. It is fallacies similar to this that will test the tinsel strength of our society in the coming years.
    I am from the west coast and have had very little experience with racism, as I was raised in a very accepting environment, not to mention the west as a culture leans in this direction as well.
    It is one thing to be against abortion, but to take it to the extremely sensitive field of play in which you have is absolutely disgusting… You speak of ideas that surround some very dark times in the history of the world. You are personally (every single on of you) throwing the modern idea of social equality out the window (It seems that you are too ignorant to see the leaps and bounds our society has made to preserve the idea of social equality), Take a look at the median income, occupations, class, criminal records, and significant others of those who are moving forward with these abortions… I will guarantee there is more correlation with these points than with RACE!
    I cant believe you have found the funding this day in age to even create this website…

    Thanks for attempting to set our society back ten years!

  • March 5, 2010

    Which claim is ridiculous? Better put, which claim is false? Easy answer to that is–none of them. We didn’t root abortion’s history in racism–Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood did. Your disgust is obviously misguided. If the discussion of history brings such revulsion then focus that energy at the organization that denies any of this is true when it is all a matter of easily proven, easily downloadable, irrefutable historical record.

    Social equality begins with the words of our Declaration of Independence: “…all men are created equal.” And we are endowed by our Creator (who transcends any human act) with certain unalienable rights–rights that no man nor women can take away, primarily Life. There is no social equality without the right to life. All other rights emanate from that.

    It’s not a matter of correlation of race. The CDC reports based upon a number of socio-economic and racial demographics. If you went to our Georgia’s Impact page, you’d also see how we further break down the percentages of those having abortions. We didn’t create the alarming racial disparity in the statistics, they exist as reported, and are a result (not just correlated) of an historical and continuing deliberate effort of birth and population control begun in the early 20th century.

    Facts matter. Typical diatribes of “HATE” only reveal your lack of knowledge of the issue. It’s not hateful to want to educate a society about a history that has been denied and obscured. It’s not hate to want to protect the beauty and potential of human life. It’s not hate to want men to own up to the responsibility of fatherhood. Nor is it hate to want women to embrace the beauty of their biology that is designed to bring forth life that possesses complete and separate DNA from the mother–a unique and irreplaceable human being, as valuable as the precious woman carrying untold Possibility.

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