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Lorraine Speaks the Truth.

Lorraine Speaks the Truth.

From Dr. Lorraine Laneve: I began my involvement in the abortion industry in 1976 after responding to an employment advertisement in the local newspaper. It called for a licensed nurse who was looking for part time work and at that time I was tired of leaving my family on weekends and holidays. Being a graduate of a Catholic Hospital School of Nursing, I was well versed in the ethics of the sanctity of life. By responding to the advertisement for this national chain of abortion “clinics”, I quickly went into a mode of justification.

I started my job functioning in all the duties of a nurse. First by preparing the “clients” in the waiting room by medicating them with valium and then influencing my captive audience to write letters to the elected officials pleading that abortion should remain a women’s (girl’s) right. “I started working two days a week but became so engrossed with the feminist lie that abortion on demand was an entitlement, having that indoctrinated into my weakened psyche as “my body, my choice”. I was sent to various seminars and conferences sponsored by NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League) and NAF (National Abortion Federation). Soon afterwards, I graduated and added to my resume that of vigorously engaging in public relations to help build up the blossoming abortion industry. From there I went on to lobbying elected officials in Washington and many states. I was sent to several states to set up new “clinics” and train personnel in the art of legally killing.

Eventually, I wound up with a full time position in the management office in New York. Having been employed in this malevolent industry for five an a half years and sharing the responsibility to help build and legitimize the abortion industry gives me the responsibility of bearing guilt for the deaths of many future citizens. We all are the losers because we will never know how greatly these murdered children would have contributed to the well being of society. The experiences I had in this foul industry permit me to reveal with passion the intent of this odious industry and their total disdain for women. Selfishness is their motto; greed is their goal. Deep-seated hatred of God and themselves drives them even to the point of referring to the little ones as parasites.

This documented testimony (via personal interviews by Fr. Frank Pavone) is courtesy of Used by permission.


  • pat
    February 14, 2010

    I am so happy to hear of your conversion and ask you to pray for me and the poor emotionally disabled children in psychiatric instituions and foster care systems across the world. I have worked in them for 14 years now and have been part of an evil system that has really eaten away at me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I know the “doctors” arre practicing eugenics and are not respecting these kids rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These MD’s and PhD’s are making a fortune off of drugging these kids…unfortunately they employ people like me who are easily manipulated and weak willed to carry out their orders. The pharmaceutical industry has too much to gain and is using the poor and forgotten as gineau pigs experimenting with all kinds of sick drugs that fry these kids brains. I’ve been a part of this for too long. I need God’s forgiveness and hope for strength and salvation. I don’t know how to work here and be able to call myself a Christian. It’s a State instituion so we can’t even endorse religion or enstill faith in them. I’m stuck and need so much help and guidance. PLease pray for the kids and families. Please pray for me and our country. I know these kids are precious to the Lord but these families and communities need to also step up and start teaching and living Christian values. I guess I really need to start with myself first because I have been a horrible, hateful, greedy person myself. I have to trust that God will make all things right if we surrender to His will.

  • pat
    February 14, 2010

    Alot of this so called “mental illness” is a lie and just part of the Anti-Christian agenda and poulation control of the elitists and atheists that are systematically destroying this country. They’re poisoning our children and getting paid a fortune for it. It doesn’t take loads of pills to raise children. That’s how they created medicated zombies and a profit. It takes love and God is love. The omission of God in this country is rampant and destroying us from within. I’ve seen it for way too long now. Jesus please save us.

  • Debby Young
    February 15, 2010

    I am so glad that these women have had the courage to speak the truth. I have always felt that if everyone knew the truth about Margaret Sanger that it could make a huge impact on the” murder industry” that we call abortion. That the myth of helping women(abortion) has been perpetuated by the elitists of this country is indeed a national trajedy. Justice Ginsberg is just a tip of the iceberg. I think that young girls need to be taught the history of Planned Parenthood and the philosophy of Margeret Sanger. I think all Americans, especially the black community, need to examine the motives of this administration also. If you read between the lines, Margaret Sanger’s philosophy is right in line with what Barack and Michelle Obama believe. Elitists are still disguising themselves as people who sincerely want to improve the lives of the “less fortunate”. We all need to start paying attention to what these “elitists” are really saying. Their motives need to be investigated thoroughly. When we listen to the liberal media, we are merely perpetuating the myths of the liberal agenda. Sadly one of the biggest has been abortion “rights”. Get rid of the “populations” we don’t want and call it “Abortion Rights”.

  • Jerica
    February 23, 2010

    Debbie Young- I agree with you, there is no need for abortion, use protection or you give up your right to chose. As for Pat- I read your comments on every page. God is the one that gives the rights, because if he didn’t want the woman to be able to get an abortion there would be no such thing, he would stop it. Secondly, MOST ATHEISTS ARE AGAINST ABORTIONS. And even people who believe in “your god” still do or welcome abortions, so watch what you’re saying and study what your preaching because you are preaching against your own kind.

  • MOTO
    February 24, 2010

    Jerica, I agree with your statement that God gives us rights, but it seems that you have forgotten that He also gives us free will. To illustrate the point I’m making, I will use this analogy. Parents often let their children make their own decisions, while having given them direction beforehand of how to handle the situation. Like when teens go to a party, the parent will say things like “don’t get drunk, get a designated driver, etc.” Now if the teen does not do those things, drives drunk and ends up killing a friend that was in the car, does that mean that the parent should have done more “to stop it”? The parent already gave the child instructions that the CHILD disobeyed. Same thing with abortion. God gives us free will to do what we please, but that does NOT mean that He condones our actions, because the consequences whether delayed or ignored, still happen. Abortion exists because of choices that PEOPLE decide to make, not because of inaction on God’s part.
    As for the atheist thing, while there are MANY atheists that are against abortion, there are also the ones that say things like “it’s just a clump of cells” or “abortion is good” etc. and I believe those are the ones that Pat was referring to. You misinterpreted what Pat what saying, as so often happens when Christians try to speak to those that are not in Christ yet.
    Another thing I’d like to clear up. People can “believe” in God all they want, but this doesn’t make them Christians. It says in God’s Word ( the Book of James) that faith WITHOUT WORKS is dead. Meaning it is meaningless, and not of any merit to the Lord. God is very clear about what it means to be in Him, the problem is that most people aren’t. Most so-called “Christians” are not true Christians at all, and I can tell you that any “christian” claiming to be for abortion is definitely NOT in alignment with God!
    May He pour out His Peace, Blessings, and Understanding upon His lost children.
    God Bless America.

  • MOTO
    February 24, 2010

    Wow…. It’s so amazing how God can change someone’s heart. All praise and glory be unto Him!!

  • Dave Davis
    February 24, 2010

    In 1975 I was dating just one girl and through my selfishness, she became pregnant. She would not marry me, keep the baby, give me the baby, pr put our baby up for adoption. Planned Parenthood showed her pictures of 8 week old babies and sold her on it was not human and it looked like any other creature at this stage. She was 20 and in college and did not want to interrupt her schooling. She aborted our baby between 9-12 weeks of life. A few months later she dropped out of college to become a flight attendent.
    My selfishness of temporary pleasure caused my girlfriend to choose between life and death of our child.

    I was 24 then and 60 today. I named my child Nicole and I sit here crying over her death because of my wickedness, my heart is still wounded. I’ve asked her for forgiveness and that someday I can somehow be her Father in Heaven. I’ve asked God for forgiveness and believe He has forgiven me, but I doubt I can ever fogive myself that my wickedness caused the death of my baby.

    Every man that pursues sexual gratification, not love, should know that his selfishness may cause HIS helpless and innocent SON or DAUGHTER to be butchered and murdered and he can do NOTHING to stop it! He may find himself self imprisoned the rest of his life as I am by his actions.

  • Marisa
    March 17, 2010

    In 1993 I was 20 years old and had a baby born out of wedlock. I was always taught that abortion was killing, and it never even entered my mind to have one. I was encouraged to have a medical termination due to my health. I refused. I wanted to raise my child in the church, and went to many of them looking for a good church home. I was often the receipient of many stares and whispers. I have been looked down upon more times than I can even remember. I chose to take the responsibility of motherhood, and cherish the life God had given me, but I was viewed as the most sinful of sinners when I went around ‘Christians.’ Six years later when I found myself pregnant again by my bf of 4 years, I was in shock. I am unable to take birth control, but we had used protection faithfully. He stated he would supported my decision either way. I chose to have an abortion because of the hatred I had endured from having my first child. If you truly want to make an impact against abortions, then support those who make the hard choice to give that baby life. Stop throwing stones at the women, it is not their act alone that finds them pregnant, yet it is their consequence to endure alone. The fact is I know many women who had abortions to prevent themselves from feeling the judgement and ridicule of others. Don’t believe me? Ask a woman who is having an abortion, and I’ll bet she will say some shade of shame is the reason.

  • Melody
    April 6, 2010

    Marisa, I just had to respond to your post and let you know that you are not alone. You are right that many girls make poor choices and find themselves with an unwanted pregnancy and instead of enduring the shame have chosen to abort. Although I am not well versed on the history of eugenics, etc. I do have my own story and was so lost despite having confessed Christ at a relatively young age. I have gotten pregnant by date rape on 2 occasions and then once by a violent boyfriend. Each time I chose to abort and each occasion brought on intense reflection of what my options really were: keep it (and carry around the violent memory’s breath and life in my body for 9 months) – and probably end up in a sanitarium; adoption (still have to get through those 9 months AND the stares because I wasn’t married and who really wants to or can explain that it was as a result of a rape, but I’m doing the Christian thing to see the child into this world who may actually grow up to terrorize some other family at some point?).

    We put so much emphases on what women do after they are pregnant and spend very little time supporting them BEFORE they find themselves having sex outside of marriage or within a violent marriage. It think it’s unfair to call everyone who supports a women’s right to choose a pro-abortionist. The bible clearly speaks of giving us all free will and a right to choose life or death… no matter the choice we will have consequences (good or bad depending upon our choice), but God gave ‘US’ that ability to choose. It is easy for many pro-life advocates to push against abortion, but rarely are any of them in line to give the girl and her baby a home to live in, food to eat, etc. when she has no place to go. African American babies in the US are the last to get adopted and usually end up in foster care, so giving birth to unwanted children has not made their life better and if we glance at news reports, daily we hear of mother’s who put their babies in cars and then push them into lakes, put them in dumpsters, shook the child, sold the child for drugs, etc. When we begin to resolve these greater issues of responsible parenting and preventing unwanted pregnancy with teaching on self-esteem (how precious they really are and the true meaning of covenant marriage), NOT JUST ABSTINENCE, then I believe abortions will be less prevalent.

  • April 6, 2010

    @Melody. The truth is, there are many who place emphasis on women before pregnancy, during pregnancy and after pregnancy. The culture, however, does everything possible to counter the positive messaging of personal responsibility, self-respect, and restraint. Pregnancy is the natural outcome of sexual activity. I’m sorry you had to experience what my biological mother went through. And those situations need all of the love, the emotional, physical and spiritual support possible. And that support is not complete without the Truth. Part of that truth is not misconstruing Scripture to support ones choice of life or death of another being. We are not given that choice. The choice that Scripture gives is a spiritual choice of choosing between eternal life and death–for yourself.

    There are resources available, particularly through Pregnancy Help and Pregnancy Care centers. There are there to provide physical, medical, emotional, and spiritual provisions. There are many other parachurch and church organizations who’ve been doing, what you claim is not done, for decades (some entities for centuries).

    And just like rape and incest (horrific as they are) define less than 1% of all abortions, so, too, do those tragic examples of mothers abusing and killing their own children already born. None of it justifies further violence–especially through the violent and unjust act of abortion that never solves the causal issues. (By the way, study after study shows that children of abuse are actually not ‘Unplanned’ or ‘Unintended Pregnancies’.)

    I agree with you, though, in one respect…there is still much work to be done. Humanity is frail. But we have amazing moments of triumph. Adoption is a beautiful act (contrary to your unfortunate and nonempirical characterization of an adoptee terrorizing a family). If you believe in the Scripture that you invoked in your response, adoption is the very essence of salvation–to be adopted and loved by a God who created and values all life from the moment of conception.

  • Jim
    April 6, 2010

    My 21 year old son is going to graduate from Notre Dame next month. When my wife was pregnant with him, our OB/GYN wanted us to consider aborting him, because his uncle had muscular dystrophy. He is also an amateur boxer. Tempted to have him visit our ex-OB/GYN and show him a thing or two. God bless you Lorraine for speaking the truth.

  • April 7, 2010

    @Jim. Now that’s some malpractice. Doctors, as wonderful and needed as they are, don’t often get present diagnoses right. How much less accurate are they with any future prognoses? Yet, somehow, billions of dollars go into declaring, as fact, a pro-abortion ideology that seemingly knows how the lives of children born will play out.

    We have been propagandized to believe that these future predictions should have any merit. Even if your son would have had muscular dystrophy, wouldn’t he still have something wonderful to offer to our world–his very life? How far those ripples of each of our lives extend in this unknown and wondrous sea of life.

  • My 2 cents
    April 24, 2010

    “The bible clearly speaks of giving us all free will and a right to choose life or death…”

    The Bible does say that we have a choose to choose between life or death, but what you are saying is out of context. One passage in Romans 6:23 for example says,
    “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

    These and other verses are NOT advocating abortion, rather, as in this letter to the Romans Paul is telling the Romans that through the power of Christ they no longer are subject to the laws of sin and death. However, that does not mean that we should continue to be willing participants of sin, but rather we should turn away from it.

    It’s probably important to realize that this idea of a woman’s right to choose to abort her child is not something that is talked about in the Bible–abortion as it stands today is in and of itself is a more modern concept although, one could argue that the idea of killing is very much a concept in the Bible.

    I do agree with your point that churches do need to do more to help young mothers and other women who find themselves pregnant. My church actually invited a guest speaker a few Sundays ago to talk about her organization that gives help to mothers in need.

  • Gigi Jones
    June 8, 2010

    Warning: This post does not agree with what all the others have said!

    You all sound like people who believe that you have the last word on life itself…I wonder how many of you are willing to actually help an unwed mother raise her child(ren) by sending regular weekly donations of money for her to spend as SHE SEES FIT until her children are grown, finished with college, working and out on their own? It is easy to sit back and write Bible scripture about what people SHOULD do, and what choices they OUGHT to make, but what puts you in the position to judge others?

    Most churches are closed during the week, or have limited activities going on. Few have after-school programs during the 3 to 7 PM hours, when single parents are working, and their children are unsupervised. WHY? Because church members would rather TALK about what people ought to do, rather than DOING something that counts. It’s easy to sit back and quote Bible scripture from your cushy middle-class lives, but what do you actually do to help all of these women you claim to care about?

  • June 8, 2010

    Let’s deal with the facts since your reply doesn’t contain any. It might behoove you to step outside of your own myopia and see what happens all around you, every day, through churches that are engaged in the community throughout the week. Your rhetoric does nothing to change the status quo and is exemplary of pro-abortion zealotry that really on false accusations instead of empirical observation. We provide irrefutable stats on our site. Perhaps if you cited your sources for all of your assertions, we could start talking realities. Otherwise, we encourage you, like we do, to fully engage in your community and take care of those who are in need. You seem to be quite passionate about it. So are millions of others who hold (like the majority of Americans) a prolife worldview.

  • Anne Marty
    June 22, 2010

    Abortion is the murder of a child. It is heinous.There are many people who support unwed mothers in every way they can and as often as they can.Fathers are also responsible for the killing of their unborn child.African Americans are experiencing genocide!

  • The uncelebrated ones...
    July 15, 2010

    FYI: To everyone out there who thinks Pro-Life people don’t put ‘loving actions’ behind their words…..there are plenty of living examples to contradict that: (us for example….)

    My wife and I are currently caring for our dear sister who had the courage to flee a very abusive relationship, and are still enjoying the challenges of being Aunt and Uncle to a teething 1 year old. We are 100% supporting our sister to get on her own two feet and be a successful single mom. [which she is fast becoming.] While simultaneously assisting her in the legal challenges of the Rape case pending against her ex-abuser.

    That is not easy, but we are happy to do it because her child is priceless.

    And we would be happy to adopt any child, even a child born of a rape incident, because even a tragedy can be turned into a blessing through adoption. Abortion is only a violent response to those rare times that a pregnancy results from a rape. The rapist is the one who deserves violence to him, not the unborn child who has an very high chance of being adopted into a wonderful family if the mother would just choose adoption.

    We now know that there are extraordinary resources all over this country for crisis pregnancies. Every child is a wanted child…it just takes a little effort to connect the ‘wanted’ with the ‘wantees’ that’s all. Only the self-deluded can believe otherwise.

  • December 17, 2010

    Hi, This was a great blog post thank u sincerely for sharing that info with everybody.

  • Lynn
    February 19, 2011

    @Gigi Jones….you are only spitting out the rhetoric that Planned Parenthood and other abortion agencies use over and over without any real evidence that we pro-lifers are doing nothing…we are doing alot! As ryan said, you have no sources to back up your claim…and my questions to you is..if women’s health is so important, why isn’t the abortion industry offering them more healthy choices besides abortion…If it’s a choice, why aren’t women allowed to see the ultrasound? why aren’t they sent to the crisis pregnancy center for resources such as health care for the baby and the mother, resources for caring for herself and her child, adoption if she chooses etc. ? they are not because abortion agencies NEED the money they get when they give an abortion. Abortion is money…why else is Planned Parenthood suddenly telling all affiliates that they must do abortions or be disconnected with Planned Parenthood’s main organization!

    @ “the uncelebrated ones…your actions are commendable and my God’s grace shine on your family and reward you for “choosing life”. There is less “guilt” in the choice of life and it is a wise choice filled with blessings. Choosing death only means more death follows…death of the woman’s soul as she falls apart from her guilt and shame…(Gigi’s post does not say whether or not she has had an abortion but from her statements, I doubt it. ) Only one who has experienced it knows that women rarely feel the relief promised after the ghastly deed is done…It is a lie straight out of the pit of Hell….and when it’s done…Satan laughs. He has destroyed the future of many human beings as a result of 10 minutes of “surgery”. I hope all works out for you and your sister you took in…May she be vindicated for her choice to leave and start her life over! May she and her child experience a future that is bright with promise and God’s love.

    If less babies were aborted. many of us would do the same for the women that choose life. But, alas, so many die that we do not have the opportunity to do so. Gigi, go into a crisis pregnancy center, get some facts and you will find out how many people are helping those who choose life.

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