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Georgia Abortionist Turned to Saving Babies.

Georgia Abortionist Turned to Saving Babies.

I think the person that I am most glad about that got me here is God. I praise him every day for the miracle that I am here. I think it is a miracle of forgiveness. I think if I have used one term in my life that has meant more to me, it’s that a man can do 32,000 killings and still stand up here and tell about it and change his whole life to now support babies, and support their lives instead of taking them. I think it just shows that true love never fails and always forgives. Really, it is a question of commitment; that God was committed to me long before I was certainly committed to Him.

As part of the medical training, abortions became a necessary procedure, according to my chief of my department. This was in 1971. This was a few years before the law changed in the country, but it changed in New York a few years before, and the abortion law changed, and we were going to do abortions. After all, we needed to serve women. We needed to do it in a complete way. We needed to know all the procedures that we needed to do for women. We needed to know how to do them well; otherwise we weren’t considered effectively trained. Our chief said that if we didn’t do the abortions, we might as well get out of obstetrics and gynecology because we just wouldn’t be a complete physician.

The media was very active early on. It really probably was one of the major influences to us. It told us that abortion was number one, legal, that it was to serve women, it was to give women a choice, more or less give them a freedom to grow and to take their rightful place in society where they had been kind of pushed down prior to that. We believed the lie that there were tens of thousands of women being maimed and killed from illegal abortions prior to the legalization of abortion law. It kind of made things feel a little bit better. By this time, since we were doing five or six a day, it didn’t bother us as much.

I could make $25.00 for each abortion case, but we did 20 or 30 of those some days, and I remember one day, when they really got going, we did 62. That was my high point, or, you might say, low point. So you could make a great deal of money doing the abortions, it became quite evident. Through my industriousness and my skill, I was sort of appointed by the medical director of the clinic to more or less take over the running of the clinic from the medical perspective and I, myself, became the medical director of a clinic there.

At the same time, He knew that I was going to be starting to do these D&E procedures, because just at that time the D&E procedures were starting up in the clinic. Now, as you have heard about these, the babies are bigger. They are visible, they are fully-formed babies, and you are tearing them apart from below. I was experienced–I had done many, many thousands by then–so I was sent to Chicago to learn this procedure, and I did, because no one else knew how to do them safely. So, I did them and I started doing them, and then I really started feeling uncomfortable.

The other thing that was shocking to this science of fetology that may have been talked about today was well-developed now. Interestingly enough, almost parallel with the abortion movement, this (I am sure God set this up, of course) was to show everyone that at the same time we are killing babies to tell us that they really were babies. I think the greatest thing there is– there are all sorts of details on babies feeling things and having brain waves and being so well-developed and almost indistinguishable really from us and our own sensitivities–but I think the greatest thing that got to us was the ultrasound. At that time, the ultrasound was a sound wave picture which was moving, called real-time ultrasound, to show the baby really on TV. The baby really came alive on TV and was moving and that picture–that picture of the baby on the ultrasound bothered me more than anything else, because as I didn’t know then really, you bond with that picture. Women get those pictures even if they are still pictures, and boy, it’s their baby and they put it up on walls, they bring it in to show it to me, and they don’t even know what’s there, but they see head, arm, leg all typed out for them so they know what it is, but they know it’s a baby.

When we started, we lost two nurses. They couldn’t take looking at it. Some other staff was lost. The turnover got greater when we started doing the D&Es and mostly, as I said, the ultrasounds. So I think the ultrasound was one of the keys there. The other thing, too, is because the women who are having the abortions are never allowed to look at the ultrasound, because we know even if they heard the heart beat that many times they wouldn’t have the abortion, and you wouldn’t want that. No money in that.

Through Dr. Randall’s second wife Becky, he felt convicted of the thousands of abortions he was responsible for–a process that had led him through divorce, the occult, and years of regret.  He eventually stopped performing abortions, and began working for a local crisis pregnancy center.  His life became completely devoted to saving unborn lives rather than taking them.  Sadly, Dr. Randall has passed away due to a car accident nearly 10 years ago.  Thankfully, he saw redemption and transformation in his life–showing that change is possible within anyone.


  • Margaret Keck
    February 8, 2010

    Many women were duped and not given accurate information about a procedure that destroyed not one life, the mother’s, but two, the life of that baby. Thank God this man has received the forgiveness of our Lord and is working to help save the lives of others.

  • Marti Robertson
    February 9, 2010

    Praise God for this doctor responding to the conviction of our Precious Lord and that he is now speaking the truth. God’s forgiveness and redemption are AWESOME – I pray that many women and babies lives are saved through him.

  • Dorothy Smallwood
    February 9, 2010

    I thank God for you and His work to bring you to save babies. God bless you and help you to continue to do His work of saving His babies See Psalm 139:-24.

  • pat
    February 14, 2010

    I am so happy to hear of your conversion and ask you to pray for me and the poor emotionally disabled children in psychiatric instituions and foster care systems across the world. I have worked in them for 14 years now and have been part of an evil system that has really eaten away at me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I know the “doctors” arre practicing eugenics and are not respecting these kids rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These MD’s and PhD’s are making a fortune off of drugging these kids…unfortunately they employ people like me who are easily manipulated and weak willed to carry out their orders. The pharmaceutical industry has too much to gain and is using the poor and forgotten as gineau pigs experimenting with all kinds of sick drugs that fry these kids brains. I’ve been a part of this for too long. I need God’s forgiveness and hope for strength and salvation. I don’t know how to work here and be able to call myself a Christian. It’s a State instituion so we can’t even endorse religion or enstill faith in them. I’m stuck and need so much help and guidance. PLease pray for the kids and families. Please pray for me and our country. I know these kids are precious to the Lord but these families and communities need to also step up and start teaching and living Christian values. I guess I really need to start with myself first because I have been a horrible, hateful, greedy person myself. I have to trust that God will make all things right if we surrender to His will.

  • Maynard
    February 18, 2010

    Dr. Joseph’s story is a truly inspiring testament to God’s power to turn evil into righteousness. Does anyone have any details about where he received his medical training so I can better spread the word about the institutions that promote this evil upon humanity?

  • Vanessa
    February 23, 2010

    I am soo glad you guys are being so outspoken about this. I am not black but it breaks my hear to hear about all the babies in general being aborted and then for sweet little black babies to have such terrible odds against them. :( I wish those moms understood how so many people would willingly take those kids and raise them as their own. Babies are God’s biggest blessings and we as humans are exploiting it.

  • Jerica
    February 23, 2010

    I for one am not for abortion, there is always them two other options, adoption or having the baby. There is no reason for killing a innocent baby. In my opinion if a woman is going to go get abortion for her act of idiocy (not using birth control) the doctors should have to show a video of what they are going to do and let them watch the ultrasound so they can see what they are doing to the poor little babies. Maybe that will help people realize they need to grow up and be more protective if they don’t want kids. Don’t kill a innocent child just because you weren’t smart enough to use protection, the baby didn’t tell you to do it, you chose to and now the baby will have to suffer and die because of you. Abortions should be against the law and anyone willing to do it still should be locked up or put to death after the baby is born. Chose life for the innocent not death. You have no idea what you are putting them babies through. They are alive, they even have videos of abortions and you can clearly see the baby trying to wiggle away from the tools they use. It’s sickning that people can go and do that. If you’re willing to kill an innocent baby because of your mistake I’m sure you could kill innocent people. This is all my opinion but I’m sure there are bunchs out there that agree with me.

  • MOTO
    February 24, 2010

    I agree 100% Vanessa. It is heartbreaking for us. Imagine how our Father feels seeing us destroy a Gift He gave of Himself. When we reject our own children we are also rejecting our Creator. No bad deed goes unpunished.

  • Dave Davis
    February 24, 2010

    In 1975 I was dating just one girl and through my selfishness, she became pregnant. She would not marry me, keep the baby, give me the baby, pr put our baby up for adoption. Planned Parenthood showed her pictures of 8 week old babies and sold her on it was not human and it looked like any other creature at this stage. She was 20 and in college and did not want to interrupt her schooling. She aborted our baby between 9-12 weeks of life. A few months later she dropped out of college to become a flight attendent.
    My selfishness of temporary pleasure caused my girlfriend to choose between life and death of our child.

    I was 24 then and 60 today. I named my child Nicole and I sit here crying over her death because of my wickedness, my heart is still wounded. I’ve asked her for forgiveness and that someday I can somehow be her Father in Heaven. I’ve asked God for forgiveness and believe He has forgiven me, but I doubt I can ever fogive myself that my wickedness caused the death of my baby.

    Every man that pursues sexual gratification, not love, should know that his selfishness may cause HIS helpless and innocent SON or DAUGHTER to be butchered and murdered and he can do NOTHING to stop it! He may find himself self imprisoned the rest of his life as I am by his actions.

  • Joe Milner
    March 11, 2010

    Amen Dave. You are not the only man to feel this way. Only when you are older and have your own children do you fully realize the gravity of the mistake. When you realize the depth of love you have for your children, the lost child child almost calls to you. I too had a similair situation and have sought forgiveness for my own weakness. But every day I look at my children, how beautiful they are, I think of the child that could have been if not for my (and the mothers) weakness. What wonderful things could that child have accomplished?

    Let’s all pray society can find the answer and that God will give individuals the strengh and love to resist and stand up since so much in our culture is stacked against love and the lives of children.

  • Carl Smith
    March 25, 2010

    I have been going through the material on this site and I am heartbroken over whats happening
    to African americans as a people. The previous 2 post really got me, because I believe that black men are
    going to be key in turning this epidemic around. First by choosing to live more responsibly and respecttfully towards our women and secondly by becoming a voice for the unborn. I simply can’t understand how the black church has missed this,but we’ve got to do better. I am a husband and father of 4. last year my 22 year old daughter informed me she had an abortion, she was sacared adn pressured by the guy she was dating at the time. I can still hear the fear and brokenness in her voice as she shared this. I know it still bothers her and I can’t help but think what my grand child would have been like. my daughter is now a committed believer in christ and see God healing her. I thank God for this site and the work thats being done and I know I have to join this cause.

  • Abby
    April 3, 2010

    Jerica, I hope you realize that the spread of birth control directly leads to abortion. Look who first sold contraceptives: Planned Parenthood and the founder, Margaret Sanger. She didn’t even think abortion was right, she was all for birth control of black women. Birth control, like abortion, means sex without consequences, which degrades women into objects to be used. And once you’re on birth control, if it fails (WHICH IT WILL!) then P.P. who sold it to you provides a plan B: ABORTION.

    The divorce rate is 50% overall! And yet among couples who don’t contracept: only 10%. The pill not only increases women’s risk of breat cancer, but it doesn’t prevent conception, it prevents implantation. So the baby is floating around in the tubes for a week or two and then is killed. Still abortion!

  • Jill Grace
    July 29, 2010

    to Dave Davis

    i pray to God that you will let yourself go from the prison of self-unforgiveness.

    i pray you would truly receive God’s Love and Forgiveness to the fullness and allow yourself to be loved and forgiven and free from all condemnation. it is not glorifying our God of Love and Mercy that we imprison ourselves for a sin He has shed His own Son’s precious Blood for.

    i have received God’s forgiveness and by His Grace I have forgiven myself.
    and now i live freely to love myself and in that i glorify my God.

    i pray for this for you with all my heart.

    God is always true and always good!

    let us praise Him and worship Jesus! amen.

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