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DeBunk Bed Mates


Planned Parenthood CEO, Cecile Richards, was so happy to tweet about their national conference (co-sponsored by Essence Magazine), on February 2nd, in an effort to discredit and efforts from national black ProLife leaders . Who better to carry the corrupt organization’s message than pro-abortion Jezebel? The CEO of the nation’s largest abortion chain prides herself in using pro-abortion media to further amplify their propaganda assuring not a scintilla of scrutiny or fact-finding. In their latest effort, they claim to debunk abortion myths, but the debunking is the myth itself. They never actually challenge a single stat or historically documented account we present. They go a’fishing and throw out more red herrings than you can shake a fishing pole at. Don’t look for them to provide any citations to the CDC or other federal agencies. If they ever do provide any footnotes, they cite themselves or their pro-abort allies (NARAL, Guttmacher, current/past Board Members, funded groups like SisterSong). Convenient. So much for objectivity.

Here’s what they offered as “debunking” evidence (our response is in orange):

    • African-Americans, while representing 13 percent of the U.S. population, account for 71 percent of gonorrhea cases and almost half of all cases of chlamydia, HIV/AIDS, and syphilis. The presence of epidemic-like rates of STDs doesn’t justify abortion by any means. It is simply an extension of the liberalized sexual indoctrination with which Planned Parenthood floods our urban schools. Planned Parenthood clinics have existed in urban areas for decades and have been intertwined with the public education school system since the early 70s, largely as a direct way to indoctrinate our young with Birth Control philosophy 1. They neither reduce the unintended pregnancy rate (unchanged since 1995)2 nor have done anything to curtail the exponentially high STD rates among African-Americans. In state after state, health initiative after health initiative, they fail in nearly every regard. The only thing Planned Parenthood has succeeded in is treating more people for STDs and drastically increasing their share of national abortions. They educate more school-aged children than any other nonprofit Title X organization, especially through School Based Health Centers (clinics on or linked to mostly urban schools) yet accept none of the blame for their failure to reduce pregnancy or STDs. There is more access to contraception (mostly without any parental consent), more access to Title X funded clinics, more access to “reproductive health care”, more access to information and resources than every before in human history, yet abortion rates, STD rates, and unmarried pregnancy rates remain have risen to epidemic levels in the black community. Gonorrhea rates for blacks are 20 times higher than whites and almost 10 times higher than Hispanics (556.4 per 100,000 for blacks vs. 27.2 for whites and 58.6 for Hispanics)3. Chlamydia is 8x higher than whites and 3x higher than Hispanics. One out of ten black teens/women (ages 15-24) have chlamydia4. Homosexual men comprise the majority of syphilis cases, 62%, up dramatically from 4% in 20005. Blacks accounted for 52% of all syphilis cases in 2009, which is 9x higher than whites and 4x higher than Hispanics. Since 2005, young black men (15-24) tripled in syphilis cases from 19.3 per 100,000 to 58.2.6


    • African-American teens are three times more likely to get pregnant than non-Hispanic white teens. I can’t help but want to sing that LIES jingle. Planned Parenthood makes up stats. It’s important, first to define this demographic. It SHOULD be teens 15-19 years of age who are UNMARRIED. According to 2008 CDC statistics, the unmarried teen birth rate (per 1000) for African-Americans was 63.0 and 32.3 for white teens7. This is 1.95 times higher. What they fail to mention is that the Hispanic teen birth rate is even higher at 68.88. Yet Hispanics have lower rates of abortion9, lack health care coverage at much higher rates (30.7% vs. 19.1% for blacks), and share similar levels of poverty (21.5% vs. 24.5% for blacks)10. Planned Parenthood tries to make the abortion issue about teen pregnancy. It’s not. The real issue is that 40.6% of all U.S. pregnancies are to unmarried women. In 1980, only 18.4% were.11 In the black community, that number is tragically far higher: 71.8% of all pregnancies are to unmarried women whereas 52.6% are among Hispanics and 28.7% among Whites.12


    • Those teens’ birthrate is more than twice that of non-Hispanic white teens; the abortion rate for African-American teens is four times that of non-Hispanic white teens. We’ve established that the black UNMARRIED teen birth rate is almost 2 times that of non-Hispanic white teens, which makes them twice as likely to get pregnant. Yet, somehow, with Planned Parenthood’s skewed mathematics, this translates to black teens being 3X more likely. Teens are the smallest demographic seeking abortions: 16.5% of nationwide abortions are on teens (ages 15-19) whereas 32.6% are on women ages 20-24 and 24.1% on women ages 25-29.13 Unmarried women make up 84% of all abortions14. More disturbingly, 98% of all women abort for non-medical, non-life threatening, non-violence-related issues.15 Guttmacher’s newest publicized 2008 (unverified) data releases make it seem like teen pregnancy is the bulk of the issue, when the majority of births are among women between 20-29 and disproportionately in the black community.


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