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Choice Kills

Above video, “Planned Parenthood Exposed”, created by

Abortion is today’s preeminent human rights issue. “Choice” is a complete sham. Planned Parenthood’s own Annual Reports reveal how staunchly pro-abortion they are. In 2013-2014 they committed 327,653 abortions, while only providing 18,684 prenatal services (not per person but counted per services so one woman could have, for instance 5 to 10 prenatal services). And to reemphasize the lack of “choice”, PPFA made a measly 1,880 adoption referrals. That’s 175 abortions for every ONE adoption referral. Tragically, 98% of these pregnant women leave Planned Parenthood clinics without a baby. Adoption & Parenthood are the life-affirming alternatives, but they don’t profit Planned Parenthood. The next time Planned Parenthood wants to make itself out to be the victim and not the billion-dollar bully, let’s put things into perspective. In their latest annual report, they reported a massive revenue of $1.3 billion, $528.4 million of which came from taxpayers’ pockets. They made $127.1 million in profit according to their latest financial report.

Why are Americans footing their bill???

Notice, too, that this billion dollar 501c3 “charity” doesn’t give a dime to women who are struggling and need financial support to keep their babies. There’s no section in Planned Parenthood’s Annual Report boasting of how they’ve rescued homeless women, jobless women, or any other impoverished women and helped them get back on their feet financially. This is because a billion-dollar, so-called “women’s rights” organization only sees ending the life of an unborn child as an uplift for women. The abortion chain’s founder, Margaret Sanger declared (in Chapter 5 of her book, Pivot of Civilization): “Organized charity itself is the symptom of a malignant social disease…Instead of decreasing and aiming to eliminate the stocks [of people] that are most detrimental to the future of the race and the world, it tends to render them to a menacing degree dominant.”

That explains why they’re not into the support and rescue field like thousands of pregnancy care centers, maternity homes, and parachurch organizations that support women throughout and beyond their pregnancies.

This “not-for-profit” 501c3 that daily engages in legislative lobbying (which is prohibited by the IRS) made $58.2 million in profit. Their CEO, Cecile Richards, earns over $583k per year, and can “suspend” her full-time salary to campaign full-time for presidential elections. We doubt the IRS will scrutinize the nation’s largest abortion chain like it illegally targeted adoptive families and conservative groups. No one holds Planned Parenthood, especially in light of its obscene amount of corporate welfare, accountable. But we will expose their LIES and give no hype–just the well-documented truth.

"CHOICE KILL$" by The Radiance FoundationFor an organization’s whose namesake includes “Parenthood”, their Annual Reports don’t even mention how many clients have been trained in parenting skills or how many parenting classes have been offered. Abortions are proudly celebrated, and the term itself is found 35 times in their 2009-2010 Annual Report. The terms ‘parenting’ and ‘adoption’ are only found once. Abstinence is included 5 times–each instance referring to ‘abstinence-only’ programs that are “dangerous” and need to be eliminated. Of course, those who abstain (particularly those between the ages of 15-25) won’t need Planned Parenthood’s “services.”

The words ‘parent’, ‘parenthood’ (other than their own name), ‘mother’, or ‘father’ never appear throughout that same Annual Report. It would be like the nonprofit organization ‘Charity Water’ not having anything to do with water.

Every other so-called “service” offered by the nation’s largest abortion chain, is quantified. What isn’t seen is that none of these services bring in anything comparable to the massive $200 million in revenue that abortions generate. Interestingly enough, parenthood isn’t even mentioned, by an organization whose namesake touts “choice”.

(SEE THE ANNUAL REPORTS HERE: 2010 PPFA Annual Report, 2011-2012 PPFA Annual Report, 2012-2013 PPFA Annual Report, 2013-2014 PPFA Annual Report)

Abortion is not a me issue. It’s not a you issue. It’s not a black versus white issue. It’s a human rights issue that is having a profoundly destructive impact on our society, especially in the black community. Women deserve to be aware of the whole truth. Men deserve to be given the opportunity to own up to their responsibilities. Unborn life deserves to be defended. There is help in your local community, from those (many of whom are post-abortive) who wish someone would’ve shown them life-affirming options.

“Prochoice” advocates have shown, sadly, that they will promote abortion-on-demand for any reason, at any cost, even in the case of Philly abortionist Kermit Gosnell where women and born-alive children were maimed and killed. They will distort basic science, American history, and statistics to justify killing another for personal convenience. Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion chain, touts its “prochoice” ideology with cult-like fervor (see video here) as they fight against every public effort, every legislative measure, every ProLife organization, in order to make sure that every obstacle possible is placed in the way of those who want to find or provide life-affirming choices. The campaign exposes Planned Parenthood’s lies, especially those which claim that no one wants or will love these beautiful children. According to Planned Parenthood’s warped present-day eugenic philosophy, they’re better off dead, which is why they so deliberately and desperately try to propagandize millions that “unintended”=”unwanted”=”unloved”. Our awareness campaign further reveals that Eugenics is alive and (tragically) well–as confirmed during each of our campaigns. Our goal is to expose an industry that makes a mockery of the incredible progress that women have made in being empowered as the beautiful nurturing souls they’ve been created to be. The evidence shows that Planned Parenthood simply doesn’t trust women enough to tell them the whole truth, injects gender animus by demonizing men, and targets minorities resulting in hugely disproportionate rates of abortion in the urban community. We also reveal the harmful Racialization of Adoption, a beautiful alternative to abortion. The Radiance Foundation, in conjunction with civil rights leaders, pastors, pregnancy resource centers, child-advocacy groups, adoption agencies, and passionate people from every profession, will continue to educate the public about abortion’s destruction among all races and challenge those who’ve been shown the truth to takeACTion!

© The Radiance Foundation, a 501c3 educational, life-affirming nonprofit that celebrates beautiful Possibility in every human life.